Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Day Justin Trudeau Made Andrew Scheer Look Like A Fool

Ever since the Cons made Andrew Scheer their leader, I have hated him for the same reasons I hate most of them. 

I hate his religious fanaticism, his misogyny, his racism, his homophobia, his climate change denial. 

But what I also hate about Scheer, is the ugly, cowardly, and very un-Canadian way he has attacked Justin Trudeau.

With a never-ending barrage of vile Republican-style attack ads, that have debased our entire political system.

And stunts like this one.

Where the Cons contrived to have Scheer bump into Trudeau, so he can look tough and deliver a "blunt message" in the middle of a festival.

Only to fail miserably, and leave their leader looking even more like Weak Andy. Or just looking really, really, weird. 

But if that attack moment went down like a lead balloon, did the political pornographers at Con headquarters really think this version would be better? 

The one where the serial liar Scheer accuses Trudeau of lying? 

I mean really, what are those Cons thinking?

Is it a crude attempt to reach out to their many racist supporters?

Or is it because the creepy Con just can't help himself?

Is his obsession with Justin Trudeau now TOTALLY out of control?

I don't know the answer to that last question, but it should have been asked a long time ago. 

And at least we can say this:

The Cons ambushed Trudeau in a crude attempt to embarrass him, and make Scheer look tough.

But he laughed in their faces, and made their leader look like a fool... 

Poor Andrew "Cotton Candy" Scheer. The more Canadians get to know him, the less they like him.

Way too weird to be trusted.

Way too dangerous to be Prime Minister... 


Jackie Blue said...

I hope you're right, Simon, that once people see more of Scheer they'll be turned off by him and, even reluctantly, migrate back to Trudeau. Did you see the video I posted in the comments from the previous post, about the possible reason, or one anyway (Site C), why Jody was so stubborn and angry and wanted to get back at both Trudeau and SNC? Everything is always about her fucking ethnic separatist agenda. She showed it too when she was bashing her own government publicly, including at the U.N. Does she have no other life or interests besides this obsession with reconciliation? If she had such a problem, or she thinks "settler government" is incompatible with her beliefs, why didn't she just resign? What the fuck does she want, to abolish Canada altogether? Indigenous sharia? What the fuck does she think Scheer would do to "her people" or does she not care as long as she can hang the blame on Trudeau? Who the hell recommended this ancap lunatic as a hire anyway?

I hope voters are able to see through the hyperbole and caricature that's been made of Trudeau as some kind of corrupt, untrustworthy monster, and turn away from the demented Scheer and incompetent turncoat Singh. Angus is behaving like a Bernie Bro on social media, harassing Liberal-supporting women out of Scheer desperation. The NDP is just as toxic as the Cons. None of them are to be trusted. Lizzie Mayhem's halo is just as tainted with her affiliation with Wormtongue. Ratfuckers, the whole lot of them. They all suck.

I hope this election is decided on other issues besides the Lavghazi emails bullshit, and the Liberals can still accomplish even a razor-thin minority. Scheer is a stalker, a bad parent, a bigot, and a puppet of far more sinister forces. Trudeau, warts and all, is the only candidate who can protect Canada from being flushed down the drain with the rest of the world. One mistake in a complicated soap opera shouldn't cost him the entirety of his career and the fate of an entire country. He really is getting eviscerated with the Hillary treatment and it isn't fair.

Although I have to say, I hate JWR and Mario Comey maybe even more than I do Scheer. And I mean really, really hate them both. This whole sordid mess reeks of a setup. He really did walk into a buzzsaw. I not only want Trudeau to win just to prove them all wrong. I want him to publish a tell-all to blow this coup wide open and rehabilitate his unfairly maligned good name.

rumleyfips said...

American Right Wing Nut Jobs are obsessed with confronting progressives. They run up , say something stupid, then run away . Another RWNJ is always their to film . These idiots think they are seen as tough and brave and are ' owning the libs '. Most people see them as ineffective.

We know that Sheer and Harper want to bring Republican style thuggery to Canadian politics; this is just their latest bit of copycat silliness.

Steve said...

fuck weak andy, if you need more information you are stupid.

Steve said...

If Canada elects this weak demented person we should just let Alberta seperate to save us from damnation.

Anonymous said...

The look on Scheer's face is priceless. I'm sure he was hoping that Justin would start arguing with him so they could use the exchange to make more attack ads. But instead Trudeau blew him away and left him looking like a little boy who just had his balloon taken away. Scheer is such a weird man, he could only be a Con.

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent reminder of what a putz Andrew Scheer is and how depraved the Conservatives are.
The problem? There is a massive machine rolling out every bit they've got to trash Trudeau: LavScam, aka the Wornout Sellout show and Judas WR releasing a book ... oh ... just in time for the election; the Irrational Post, owned and massaged by folks out of the US; anti-oil nonsense driven by the Fraser Institute and steaming BS like 'Canada Proud'; bottomless budgets of the Koch Bros and friends; and on and on and on.
Canadians are going to get easily lead astray by this onslaught and, I hate to say, will likely vote Raggedy Andy into power.
There are options: Trudeau can pony up soon, take the blame and step aside. Maybe make room for someone like Chrystia Freeland. Or, we can vote for someone without any baggage. Maybe the Green Party (despite their bad daliance with a certain angry political consultant)?

Jackie Blue said...

Simon, I can't stop shaking and sobbing again. Dion is going to crucify Trudeau at a televised ethics committee meeting this Wednesday. It's like watching a live public execution. I can't stand it anymore. Those fuckers are going to ride this Benghazi bullshit to the end until they've buried him once and for all. Just like the Republicans did to Hillary Clinton. I hate Mario Dion. I hate him. I hate him so much and I hate JWR too. The things I really feel about them aren't even fit to publish here. This is a slow-moving fascist coup that's happening all over the world. I can't fucking believe they're doing this to a good man over one honest mistake. I had so much hope. I turn 33 years old on the 22nd and I honestly wish I was dead. I'm disabled and live at home and am unable to work. I have no friends. My family doesn't understand me and I have no one to talk to. All my heroes are unemployed or soon to be. I can't even enjoy movies because I can't muster the suspension of disbelief required to pretend happy endings are real and goodness still prevails. Why did he go into politics? He's too kind for these vipers and nobody seems to get it! Why didn't he stay a teacher or go into TV like Ben Mulroney, Chelsea Clinton and Jenna Bush, such that at least he wouldn't have to suffer the humiliation of millions of people hating him and calling him a failure, a crook, believing all these lies about him? Isn't there any way to crowdsource a purchase of a private island and set him up as Rainier-style benevolent despot of New Canada? I want him to have a second chance at redemption in a "sanctuary city" where all of us can go as a diaspora! I can't bear this anymore. I can't. I'm having PTSD from 2016 and it hurts even more because it's Trudeau. I'm afraid that if he loses, Scheer will open up a bigger inquiry and involve the RCMP and Justin will be sent to prison. Even if that doesn't happen, I can't stand to see him be humiliated and made a national, international pariah. Canadians have no idea what he means to so many of us in America. We love him and we literally don't give a shit about anything some incompetent hack watchdog says he did "wrong." I wish I could be at Montreal Pride right now because I need a hug from him and for him to tell me everything is going to be OK... Oh God, I know it's only August but I already miss him so much... :(

Jackie Blue said...

Nope, the Green Party is too partisan! Elections Canada said talking about climate change brushes up against election laws because Mad Max has his head up his ass! Whatever man! Smoke 'em if you got 'em, Justin, the world has gone insane!

Justin should absolutely pony up! I wanna hitch a ride with him on the bomb too! Maybe I'll do the Jumpin' Jodi ghost dance to a new wave love song that's all about doing the fuddle duddle as the world burns! Is it just me or does anyone else suddenly feel like doing a cordless bungee jump off the CN Tower????

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...Trudeau is doing just fine, the Latest episode of the fake scandal will have no effect on his popularity. Canadians have many reasons to vote for him, and I am confident that he will win the election. Scheer is starting to unravel and when the Liberals and other progressives turn their guns on him for real he will melt like a snowman in a heat wave...

Simon said...

Hi rumleyfips....exactly, the Cons are just trying to copy the right-wing extremists in the U.S. and their childish games are not likely to impress many Canadians. Canadians can see what is happening in the U.S. and Britain and they don't want to see the same thing happen here....

Simon said...

Hi Steve....Scheer gets elected I suggest that we in the east separate from the west. Let's have a border at the Manitoba-Ontario divide, and progressive Canada can live in peace happily ever after....

Simon said...

Hi anon....I agree with you, I have never seen Scheer look so pathetic. He tried to impress himself on Trudeau and as left looking absolutely ridiculous. The man is a wimp, and his silly little act has made that only more obvious. Remember, many Canadians still have no idea who he is or what he stands for. So first impressions are very powerful, and so far he's doing really badly...

Simon said...

Hi anon @9:02 PM....I agree that the Cons are pulling out all the stops to try to smear Trudeau. But Justin is by far the most popular politician in Canada, and the Con offensive will run off him like water off a duck's back. There is no need to even think of replacing him, and I am still predicting a narrow majority government...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...I'm sorry you are feeling upset. It's perfectly understandable, we are living in dangerous and depressing times. But don't worry about Justin Trudeau he can take care of himself. Dion is unlikely to testify at the ethics committee since the Liberals can shut it down without anybody giving a shit. And Dion himself would probably be most relieved since he has been accused of having made some serious legal mistakes. Canadians are still in summer mode and the last thing they want is a rehashing of the fake scandal. They are worried about such things as the environment, healthcare, and pensions, and on all of those fronts Scheer comes up short. And I guarantee you that by the time we are finished with him, there won't be much left. So stay calm, take some time off, smell the roses, and have more confidence in Canadian progressives and the ones in your country. For we are going to slay the fascist beast, and our victory party will light up the world...

lagatta à montréal said...

Scheer and Bernier conspicuously avoided Fierté Montréal. Fuck. even Legault attended - it is huge here. Puir me, I had to work (freelance)that day. Bernier will have both the many dairy farmers and the many QuébécoisEs who are either openly LGBTQ2s+ or who have friends and family who are extremely pissed off. One of my closest friends was beaten up and kicked out of the house by his dad at 16, for being a fif, in a small rural town. Thank the cat goddess, he has managed to have a better life with increasing acceptance of difference. Don't think friend had even had sex at that point; he just wasn't "male" enough.

Jackie, yes I've been hard on you because of your hatred of the left - I live in a riding/borough where all our elected representatives are leftists: Québec solidaire, NDP, Projet Montréal, and which was a focal point of the student uprising. Seeing that you, decades younger than me, have such a hard life, inspires more compassion. I've not had an easy life either but at I (finally) have a somewhat decent pension. Yes, the Libs contributed to that, but without the NDP (and to some extent the Bloc, in better days), that wouldn't have happened.

Our political system is very different from yours, and so-called third parties play a major role.

I'm listening to news reports on Fierté (Pride) yesterday, and it is simply wonderful to listen to the support from people whom I think are straight and perhaps suburban.

Anonymous said...

Jackie don't be depressed, we have a lot to look forward to and we count on you and your fighting spirit to get us through these fascist times. Simon does his best, but nobody gives it to the Cons like you do. You are our best American friend, and we will celebrate together when Trump crashes to the ground, and the Scheer threat is eliminated.

brawnfire said...

Hi lagatta,
Re: "and so-called third parties play a major role"
Alas, not a good one, anymore.
In the good old days you spoke of, progressives, at least knew and recognized their true enemy. They understood that conservatives and conservatism are diametrically opposed to everything they stand for; they are their antithesis and nemesis in ideals and interests and values. Thus, they'd never allied with Conservatives. Liberal, by definition and platforms, has always been progressive--perhaps not progressive enough for some, but their natural ally, none-the-less.
Whereas, today's NDP and Green progressives would align with the Devil, as they've demonstrated.
Moreover, Third parties have only managed to split the progressive vote and allowed the reign of a Stephen Harper and a Doug Ford.

brawnfire said...

I feel for you, your situation, so much.
You are a brave and fiesty lady, and a dear soul.
Do not lose heart.
Your passion for our politics is deeply appreciated.
We'd be diminished without your voice.
Don't stop. I have a feeling, if anything does it, your contributions will take us over the top and in October we'll have something to crow about.

lagatta à montréal said...

There would be no National Health in either the UK or the Canadian state if Labour and the then CCF had not pushed the Libs to the left. My MP will probably win, though. Surely you don't think you can convince a person who has been an active socialist for half a century to vote for a capitalist party? The only alternative would be not to vote, like my anarchist friends. I think left votes are at least a symbol that there is another world to win, and a planet to defend.

Judy Rebick has a good commentary on this, currently in Rabble.

Jackie Blue said...

This is the kind of radical, authoritarian shit I'm talking about, people are falling for it and it terrifies me to no end.

Extinction Rebellion doomsday cultist decides he wants to restrain Catherine McKenna with "zap straps". Is stopped by police but not before revealing just how fanatical (and misogynistic) a chunk of the eco zealots supporting Lizzie Mayhem's recycle-bin dumpster fire of a party are.

When Trudeau announced TMX re-approval there were a bunch of them with XR icons (possibly trollbots but who knows) calling on GPC supporters to take a piss in Kokanee Lake. Accusing Justin of accelerating global warming such that more people will die in avalanches like Michel did, thus making him retroactively complicit (!) in his brother's death. Urinating at the burial site of an innocent 23-year-old kid to open up emotional trauma for the PM is how they expect to convert moderate people to their cause? That's a bold strategy, Cotton, let's see if it works out for them.

Others in the green extremist crowd have demanded that Trudeau and McKenna be arrested and tried at the Hague for crimes against humanity, a "climate holocaust" they claim is literally worse than Hitler. "They're trapping us all in a gas chamber." Shame on them for such a ridiculous and offensive comparison. How that's any different from Sheriff Andy calling the cops (again) today to investigate But SNC Emails, I really don't see a difference. It's all the same Crooked Hillary "Lock 'em Up" simplistic mob chant. And it's dangerous.

I strongly suspect that the Site C protest from 2012 is the nexus between SNC and the Trudeau government that led JWR to blow up in a tantrum and dig in her heels. The NDP failed to capitalize on the publicity and where did the Liberal support bleed? The Green Party, particularly out in B.C. For her it was about saving face because she was getting flak from her "big house." If she had such a problem with the policy she should have just resigned. Instead she pursues revenge and gets Trudeau framed as the second coming of Nixon, a Trump with better hair. There's a lot more to this than is being reported in the breathless narrative to make PMJT out to be an unrepentant monster, Anakin Skywalker turned into Darth Vader. She called Aaron Wherry's book a one-sided self-serving story that wasn't fair. Methinks the shrew doth protest too much.

I care about the planet too but I can't get behind this abusive populist shit, let alone petty personal revenge schemes and the cynical politics of seizing on "scandal" like vultures to a carcass. This group in particular calls themselves the "extinction rebellion" movement, but apparently makes exceptions for pragmatic real-world liberal public officials who they decide should go extinct. Which doesn't exactly give me much hope for us naked apes at all.

brawnfire said...

re "Surely you don't think you can convince a person who has been an active socialist for half a century to vote for a capitalist party?"
How's that been working out for you, so far?
I wasn't expecting I'd need to convince you, actually.
I'd have thought you capable of political savvy and a little more pragmatism when it comes to achieving your socialist objectives: If it was good enough for CCF it should be good enough for you!
All I can say is all the stay-at-homes and symbolic votes are the very folks most responsible for Trump and his ilk; & the awful Canadian results I mentioned previously.

Jackie Blue said...

Thread on why Justin shouldn't say sorry. It's actually about Elizabeth Warren, but the general idea is that liberals need to stop responding to bad-faith RW attacks that the lying dopey loser fake news media (and cynical moral-righteousness claimers on the left) jump on as valid talking points. He's doing the right thing focusing on policy rather than letting Jagmeet Scheer gotcha's push him off his game:

What they learned from this episode is that political media & culture reward dishonest attacks. And so that's what we'll get more of, relentlessly ... Just gonna add, the worst part of bad-faith RW attacks on Dems is that Dems will echo every one of them. My TL is full of red-rose people ... enthusiastically spreading this BS.

This is of course exactly what happened to H. Clinton a million times. The RW would launch a bad-faith attack, just tenuously connected enough to a nugget of truth to require time to unpack, & Hillary's foes on the left would do the rest, bolstering & spreading it. No one on the left has clean hands here; they all use RW bullshit opportunistically, to hurt one another.

It would be great if everyone, across the entire left, would realize that echoing bad-faith RW attacks -- even if it offers some narrow, short-term advantage over someone else on the left -- hurts the entire left eventually. The bullshit comes for everyone.

As it is, conservatives, Russians, an[d] other assorted shitposters barely have to lift a finger to get the left in yet another circular firing squad. It's trivially easy, because the US left is divided into armed camps w/ no sense of solidarity. And how's that working out?

TL;DR applies to Canada too. Progressives need to unite, talk about real-world issues, and stop harping on "controversy" to own the libs. Otherwise the bad guys are going to win.

lagatta à montréal said...

The problem is that I started following Simon when he was actually a leftist, following the student movement here and supporting left candidates on all levels of government. I am deeply pained that he is supporting a capitalist party, though it is true that Trudeau fils can't be tarred with jailing a large swath of the Québec left - with no ties to the flq, and undermining the Frap - the distant ancestor of the RCM and Projet Montréal.

The CCF and NDP did not disband; at most they formed coalitions to push the Libs to the left.