Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Justin Trudeau's Amazing Political Comeback

Justin Trudeau had to draw on all of his inner strength to overcome the malignant influence of Jody Wilson-Raybould and her grotesque fake scandal.

As well as battle Andrew Scheer's Cons and his grubby stooge media, who tried to use the fake scandal to destroy him.

For months it looked like they might succeed, as Trudeau's polls headed south.

But with just 70 days to go before the election, the fake scandal is all but forgotten.

The two Connies are toast. And Trudeau and the Liberals are back.

Tied in this Abacus poll.

In an election held today, the Conservatives (33%) and the Liberal Party (32%) would match each other in national support. The regional breakdowns of support tend to favour the Liberals at this moment, with Justin Trudeau’s party leading east of Manitoba and tied with the Conservatives in BC.

Favoured to win the most seats in this poll tracker. 

The Conservatives have led in the polls since February, but their lead over the Liberals has significantly shrunk in recent weeks. The Liberals are narrowly favoured over the Conservatives to win the most seats, but it's a toss-up whether or not any party can win a majority. The New Democrats are stuck in third and on track to lose potentially more than half of its caucus, while Green support has levelled off after reaching new highs across the country.

And climbing like a rocket.

Which sadly is more than we can say for Elizabeth May, whose positive impressions seem to be tanking...

While her negatives seem to be soaring. 

For what seems to me to be obvious reasons...

And then there's this from EKOS' Frank Graves.

Which sounds promising. 

You know, I still think it's going to be a fairly close election.

But the way things are going I don't think anyone can rule out a repeat performance...

For it has been amazing comeback, and he deserves a lot of credit.

You know, I'm having such a great summer, I never want it to end.

But if October is as good as August I won't mind a bit...


Steve said...

Yeah cause they were totally fake con media scandals. I dressed funny, I pissed of a cabinet member.
What is real is Trump and I posted this two years ago when I coined the phrase
Snow Mexican

Jackie Blue said...

Dear God, I hope so. I'm still afraid of a Dion/JWR version of Comey's last-minute detonation. I did just read a new poll from Mainstreet that indicated close to 2/3 of voters were open to strategic voting. I'm really, really hoping that whatever final trickles of the Justin's Emails scandal blurt out in September will blow over like duds and not blow up like nuclear fireworks. God Save Justin Trudeau.

Steve said...

for a thinking people it should not even be close

Gyor said...

It's not amazing and Trudeau doesn't deserve credit, our moron Premier Doug Ford does. Scheer made the foolish choice to link his name to Doug Fords thinking it would be a boon, the single greatest misjudgement of his career.

And now Doug and his incompetence are dragging Andrew done and likely will cost him any shot at being Prime Minister (which is still less damage then Doug Ford is doing to the OPCs, he will do to the OPCs when Bob Rae's name did to the NDP for generations snd which only last election was the ONDP able to get past it).

Jackie Blue said...

I don't care who gets the credit. I'm just hoping that the election cycle sees a lot more people focusing their attention on the Doug and Andy bromance than Justin's Emails and the Mario Mueller Report.

Anonymous said...

Oy vey Simon now I'm really upset.


Jackie Blue said...

Update: Dion's report is out and apparently it doesn't look good. No surprise really and I'm sure the Liberals were bracing for bad news. My only question (and hope) is, will tying up the last of the loose ends in the middle of August, before the writ drop and the official start of the campaign, provide enough of a window for people to forget and focus on more important things by October? Or is the Con media going to run with this and bury him over the next two months?

Jackie Blue said...

I knew this was Comey -- er, coming. The parallels to Hillary's Emails are unmistakable. Gerry was right. They walked into a buzzsaw. Thanks a lot, Jody, you self-serving b----.

Jackie Blue said...

Then again, I don't know how he digs out of this. Like Hillary.

Either Freeland takes over or we're stuck with Scheer as PM24.

God damn you, Judas. Rot in hell.

brawnfire said...

I'm going to think positive. (Some might say, dream in technicolor.)
Suppose he gives the report and nobody cares.
The Con media will whip this into a frenzy... but
The Peoples' positions are already baked in.

Anonymous said...

Guess ethics violations associated with trying to protect Canadian jobs/voter satisfaction can happen when you appoint cabinet ministers and holders of key public positions based on perceived ability rather than thoroughly vetted loyalty. Bring back the good old Harper days where the justice minister simply parroted the official story line and the ethics commissioner was a joke.

excerpt from the Tyee: https://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2015/08/10/Harper-Abuses-of-Power-Final/

Lapdogs Appointed as Watchdogs:

The most controversial was the case of former Integrity Commissioner Christiane Ouimet. Her office reviewed more than 200 whistleblowing cases. Disciplinary action followed on none of them. Ouimet’s own angry staffers blew the whistle on their boss. The auditor general found Ouimet intimidated her employees, took “retaliatory action” against them and may have breached their privacy, all part of the Harper appointee’s “gross mismanagement.” Ouimet was paid more than $500,000 to leave her post.


Jackie Blue said...

The only hope I have is that it's summer and two months is an eternity in politics. As a last-ditch effort at salvaging his public image before the election, I suppose there's a possibility he can bite the bullet and issue a mea culpa even if he knows in his heart he did nothing wrong (which I still don't believe he did, I think he got railroaded like HRC). He may need to do so for "optics" reasons if nothing else. Sad that politics is about "optics" rather than facts. I voted for (not) "Crooked Hillary" because the (actual) racist was worse. Deja vu all over again.

Personally, I blame his inner circle for giving him spectacularly bad advice. I like Gerry and Katie, but they were in way over their head and failed him terribly as the "HR crew." I don't want JT to go down in flames. I don't want him to wear the fault in all of this, and I want him to be publicly redeemed. This wasn't his doing. He doesn't deserve to be a pariah. I will never forgive blabbermouth backstabber Judas though, and hope karma comes back to bite her in the Bugass.

Brian Dundas said...

Guys, like U, I believe Justin's Libs are the only hope we have to keep neo-nazism out of this country, one of the few remaining "developed western" nations to avoid it so far. I am voting Liberal in the Fall. But... as powerful as these reasons are, it behooves honest proponents of democracy to admit he messed up. He appointed JWR. He should have left her alone. Period. I love his inclusiveness and many of his policies, but admitting that he f'd up is a strength... one the right has never shown anywhere. Are we better than them or not?

Jackie Blue said...

I think the whole team handled it VERY poorly and that includes JWR. Like I said, I blame JT's inner circle for giving him extremely bad advice in the first place and letting this conflict fester. I also think that while JT has a sincere, good-natured belief in representation of the underprivileged, he goes too far into the IdPol/symbolism universe ("Because it's 2015") and it ends up biting him in the ass. This whole mess wouldn't have happened if JWR hadn't gotten pissed about her "dream job" or been revealed to be such an ethnic militant who apparently had to be "pressured" to focus on any other file besides reconciliation. Including Glen Assoun, who nobody in the media seems to care about. But knowing how volatile she was, he should have kept her in her "dream job" at least until after the election just to shut her up. It comes down to bad timing and the piss poor communications this team has been known for since day 1. Justin is innocent. He was failed miserably by his people-kind. And that's tough when so many of them are close personal friends.

But what's done is done, and I give him credit for saying he owns the responsibility. He didn't say verbatim he fuddle-duddled, or a stereotypical Canadian "soorey," but "the buck stops here" should be sufficient. I think it was Truman who was famous for that phrase? Anyway, what more do they want, a groveling apology on his knees? A hair shirt? A public flogging? Oh, that's right. Resignation and for him to withdraw from public life in shame and disgrace. I've already seen trolls saying they hope Sophie dumps him and takes the kids, that he's blackballed from ever being a teacher again, and that he dies early and alone from alcoholism, drug overdose and/or suicide. Geez, it's not like he shot somebody on Fifth Avenue, perspective much? They want him to be booooed as much as Dug at the Raptors parade, but for the rest of his life. Sick. Enough already. He's been crucified enough as it is.

No new details were revealed in this report. It was a damning summation to be sure, but a summation nonetheless. It's over. Time to move on, and that goes for the Twitterati too. Let the pundits have their gripefest for the rest of the week and then let it die. Stop hashtagging and amplifying it. As Gerry says, the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. The report is out, the damage is done, hopefully it won't eat up the news cycle for too long and this will be the end of it before the September writ drop and while people are finishing up their summer breaks. Even Chantal said that the fact this happened now rather than later in the campaign is a small relief for the Liberals. It wasn't literally an October Surprise.

Now's the time to start advertising platforms and policies and amplifying the severity of Ford's far worse fuckups, just as the teacher's strike is about to commence. Especially if Scheer has nothing but this scandal to run on and no policies of his own. Sunny ways and Queensberry Rules won't cut it this time. Go after him with brass knuckles. Run on the stellar record and the "stability" factor but at the same time emphasize the stark differences the Cons have to offer: the Rebel, gun lobby, Ford connections, Big Oil, very bad people. Hammer home the point that these are not your father's PCs. Talk to everyone you know and let them know the far more severe alternative. Go knock doors. Push strategic voting like your life depends on it. Then it's up to the Canadian voter to make the best informed choice. Hopefully "but his emails" won't factor into it too much.

We got 10 weeks. An eternity in politics, so they say, even though E-day is closer than it appears. Godspeed Canada, and God Save Justin Trudeau.

hinofan said...
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Jackie Blue said...

The Cons and Liberals are in the thrall of corporate Canada. ... Our only hope ... is a coalition of ND's and Greens.

NDs? Narcissistic Disorders? Oh, so you're a bitter DipperCon, the northern equivalent of a Bernie Bro ("be a man"?) and one half of horse's ass purity pony politics. Gives a new meaning to turning the other cheek, eh? "Both parties are the same" got us Yanks babies in cages and a Russian Mob-connected, dementia-laden, sexually predatory Nazi at 1600 Penn. Is Andrew Pence what you want for Canada? 'Cause Jaguar BMW Singh ain't it, chief, and neither is Dizzy Lizzy. How are you enjoying Angry Tom's latest stint as a Trudeau Derangement Syndrome blogger for Sun News, by the way? "Corporate" enough for you? Face it kid, politics is a dirty business and sometimes you gotta hold your nose for the lesser of the evils. Justin's not evil -- he doesn't have a corrupt bone in his body -- he got tricked into a booby trap by an old friend of Harper's and walked into a buzzsaw. He's the only one with integrity, and he was failed by his chaotic underlings and given really bad advice which he probably shouldn't have taken. His genuinely good nature led him to fall for a sob story about jobs, which clearly he still believes is true in his heart of hearts and for all anyone knows maybe it is. Sad to say, but the road to hell really does seem to be paved with good intentions. At least they were good intentions and he wasn't profiting from it himself. He's always thinking of others and that's why he gets screwed. But as much as I still hope he doesn't, should he be forced to pay the price and the captain go down with the ship, Chrystia would make an incredible successor and she'd be the one I'd support. Not Judge Jody the Executioner. Not in a million years.

Did he fuck up? Well, according to him, he takes responsibility and is willing to wear the crown of thorns. A very Canadian passion play, just as I'd been saying for months. He's human. He makes mistakes, we all do. Sometimes he goes over the line but it's always with the intent of helping people. Far as I'm concerned, he fell in with the wrong crowd and doesn't deserve the excoriation he's getting. Especially not in the bigger picture when there are Nazis in the midst. He has every right to forgiveness and the opportunity to clear his name and rehabilitate his unfairly maligned public image. Maybe he'll have to leave the country, I don't know, a prophet never is appreciated in his homeland after all. But I can tell you that Judas has zero integrity whatsoever. She's a self-serving, egotistical blabbermouth who sought revenge for her "dream job" by airing all the dirty laundry from the corner office. She can go to hell, and yeah, I hope karma does come back real soon to bite her in the Bugass. I will never forgive her as long as I live. I would go so far as to say I hate her. I mean really, really hate her. She can go be "independent" PM of the Republic of Me, Myself and I on an ice floe off the coast of Lizzie Mayhem's fantasy land in hippie-dippy B.C. In shark-infested waters, I hope.

Because truth be told, absolutist, unrealistic cosplay revolutionaries like you and Susan Sarandon make me root for the climate crisis to hurry up and claim us all. Seeing as it's people like you and Susan Sarandon, Judas and Lizzy and Jagoff and Schmearmonger and the Sanderistas and the Jill Steiniacs (etc.) who reject pragmatism and work overtime to destroy good people for not meeting your standards because you let the perfect be the enemy of the good. You say you want a revolution? Well, fire up the war machine. Let the toxic Trudeau haters and the purity fauxgressives who obsessed over Hillary's emails freeze in the dark.

Anonymous said...

Yes Brian, we are. JT's motive was all about saving jobs whereas the Harper era had Stevie's right hand man paying bribes to cover his corrupt ass. Just one example from a litany of scandals during a Con tenure of rewarding friends and attacking perceived enemies through a litany of abuses of power. There's really no comparison to a Con scandal and a make believe Liberal one. Decent, intelligent Canadians will see through the outrage from exploding Con heads and will vote accordingly this October.

brawnfire said...

Brian Dundas,
Re: "I believe Justin's Libs are the only hope we have to keep neo-nazism out of this country, one of the few remaining "developed western" nations to avoid it so far."
I totally agree.
It's EXISTENTIAL, my dear Watson.

Re: He appointed JWR. He should have left her alone.
While, again, I agree with you, and hope/trust he's learned from it, he best keep that to himself. It's not THE mistake he can admit--it would only serve to add insult and outrage and grievance to the toxic mix.
He's at fault, yes, for doing the wrong things for the right reasons. I'll take that over evil intent.

hinofan said...

I see I touched a nerve, Langley.
Harper was a "Party of One".
You seem to be saying that about Mr. Trudeau, but that he is on some kind of pedestal, oblivious to the shenanigans of his party. Harper orchestrated the shenanigans of his party, proroguer extraordinaire!
I reiterate North American corporations have the continents politicians in their maw.
Our foreign policy is dictated by corporate power, the "pragmatism" you advocate.
They don't have to vote.
Money talks, not explicitly as in "directing" Ms. Raybold but the "merely suggesting" as the ethics commissioner found.
The sooner we get corporate money out of politics the better society we voters will have.
Call me a dreamer but the "pragmatic" politics you advocate have gotten us into this mess.

Brian Dundas said...

Agreed all. No evil intent and I would never compare the Libs, (a party I have issues with but as stated above will vote for) with the vile, corrupt and hating Cons. Still, every once in a while a center back or a PM scores a marvelously embarrassing own goal. That's what happened here. And sorry Jackie ( you know I'm grateful for you and your progressivism!) But "bad advice" is a nice excuse for an elementary school kid who's been egged on to stick his tongue on a frozen metal rail in January (this happened to me LOL). For a PM it's a different story. He/she is the one we demand decisions from. Period. Justin headed this one into his own net with the grace of Cristiano Rinaldo's evil twin. The buck stops with him. If it's his advisers, well then I simply ask, who hired them? I hope he a)learned something, and b) can recover, because the thought of Schmear at the helm has me sea sick. The forces lined up against love and openness are very strong everywhere. We have to be better than them in ALL ways, and that starts with admitting our faults!

Jackie Blue said...

Hi Brian

Trudeau did say verbatim "I take full responsibility" and "The buck stops with me". The only reason that isn't the end of it is because he hasn't 1) made a personal groveling apology to the two shrews, 2) abandoned the "jobs" defense, and 3) resigned in humiliation and disgrace, preferably with tears so that the Cons can make fun of him for being a weepy sissy boy who needs to be punished and grounded for life.

There really isn't anything he can do that would be sufficient for these people. So he says his piece and moves on but it's never good enough. "Journalists" should not be issuing ransom demands of a duly elected PM. They want him stripped naked and nailed to a cross, pilloried in the public square with a scarlet "SNC" branded into his chest, or paraded through the streets with the townsfolk hurling shit at him by the roadside. Humiliation porn, and I do mean porn because their collective obsession with eviscerating him is seriously perverse. Hence why I call it the S&M Love-In Affair.

Thing is, there really is no more to say on this matter. The only reason it's still in the news at all is because the desperate pundit class wants more pounds of flesh and more exposure for their unqualified opinions. Push polling. The facts of the case are secondary or even tertiary to the "narrative" of bringing down the dauphin and defending the damsel in distress. Much of this matter is an indictment of the organizational failure of "journalism." I swear these people get paid by the word count. There's nothing to report now but hot take after hot take. Ibbitson of all people is trying to suppress/divide the women's vote. Like we need mansplaining or white-knighting from some Con on the side of the anti-choice party. Nice to see that "strong, independent" JWR is fine with all these white settler penis-havers rushing to her defense. Poor baby.

If the worst should happen it won't be because of anything Trudeau did or didn't do. It'd be because of an odious media bias from obnoxious, self-important, partisan "gotcha" editorialists and talking heads who won't be satisfied with anything less than his head on a pike. They want capital punishment. Remember "Lock Her Up"?

But if by chance a miracle happens and he does recover it'll be because it's summertime and people are tuned out, and/or because people have already made up their minds and are sick and tired of the same self-important pundits issuing a steaming pile of hot takes like so much verbal or keyboard diarrhea.

He admitted his faults. What his defenders are trying to do now is change the channel and get the focus onto more important things. Like the Cons' corruption or actual dinner-table issues that affect real people, like the economy, healthcare and the climate. Ford's cuts. Kenney's megalomania. Scheer's religious regressivism and role as dumb waiter of the provinces. The crux of the problem at this juncture is not Trudeau's actions or lack thereof. It's that your country has a disgusting array of opinion whores who want Trudeau to commit seppuku, so they can write more opinions about it, retweet each other's opinions and issue opinions of each other's opinions. It's a vapid orgy of mutual media masturbation. But you know the old phrase about opinions and assholes. Figures Postmedia is owned by the company that runs National Enquirer. The "free press" are nothing but celebrity stalkers who revel in ratings and can't stand it when members of the public deem their sacrosanct opinions as uninformed, torqued bullshit. TMZ has more credibility. The fourth estate is circling the drain.

I called this as a political passion play when it first started. Woe be to your Christians, your Barabbas Scheer and your Pontius Pilate pundits who treat their unqualified opinions as divine holy writ. They are so unlike your Christ.