Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Postmedia: Now It's Officially A Con Propaganda Outlet

As you may know, I've never had much respect for Postmedia, and many of the grubby scribblers who work for it.

The Con stooges who don't have to ask their corporate bosses what they want. They just know: Higher profits, lower taxes, and no Justin Trudeau.

And are only too eager to please or pleasure them.

But if that was once just an understanding, now apparently it's even worse, and even more humiliating.

For according to this Canadaland story, starting almost a year ago their bosses stopped gently suggesting they be more conservative, and started telling them. 

Several editors at the National Post — Postmedia’s flagship newspaper with an explicitly conservative political mandate, where I reported on media from 2016 to 2017 — were summoned to a meeting on the 12th floor of the company’s headquarters. 

There, according to three sources familiar with the meeting, company president Andrew MacLeod told them that their paper — which launched in 1998 to serve as the voice of thoughtful, modern Canadian conservatism, and which many would argue remains so — was insufficiently conservative.

It's hard to believe that this could happen in Canada.

What has happened, according to interviews with over 30 current employees and more than a dozen former employees — ranging from reporters to editors to corporate staff — is that Postmedia has given a directive for all of its papers to shift to the political right, in an unprecedented, centralized fashion. 

It's hard to believe that Postmedia could be so blatant about turning its papers into Con propaganda outlets.

Where any decent journalists still working there could be fired, or shuffled out of the way. Or replaced by people like Jordan Peterson.

Jordan Peterson — the prominent psychologist and University of Toronto professor who has become a global celebrity for his critiques of left-wing politics — has been working on a secret project out of the fifth floor of Postmedia’s offices.

It's hard to believe that this right-wing project will succeed, in a country where Cons are vastly outnumbered, and the old are being replaced by a new and more progressive generation.

But at least there are a couple of things we can all do to try to help it fail.

One, demand that the Liberal government not bail out Postmedia. Not with our tax dollars.

And two, boycott its papers and help send Paul Godfrey's ugly Con monster down to sleep with the fishes...

Canada is not and never will be a right-wing country.

And the Con media it seems is going to have to learn that the hard way....


  1. Canadian Pravda. Kevin Libin is childhood friends with Ezrat and published his version of Your Ward News, the "Western Standard" out of Oilberta. Postmafia sponsors the Kudatah Kenney Klan "war room" and is similar to the "bad" side of the Sinclair clan in the U.S. or the Murdoch (Fox News) propaganda machine that also stretches to Australia and the U.K. Billionaires protecting billionaires and propping up white male supremacy by monopolizing the "marketplace of ideas." The fuck is Peterson's secret project anyway? A dating column???

    Then again, it's not just Postmafia that's guilty of debasing Canadian journalism. Kathryn Marshall has threatened to sue Sandy Garossino and National Observer because Sandy slammed the MacLean's puff piece and referred to Kathryn's poor little shy nerd hubby as a "merchant of hate," which he is. The Probe and Wail continues to publish Margaret Wino's hateful screeds, the most recent being a rant about feminism and "quotas" for gay people. Goebbels News? Forget it, Akin and Stephenson make Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham look Pulitzer-worthy. Proving the validity of political horseshoe theory and the NDP's desperate gambit to cling to relevance by latching onto the Cons, the Sun has just hired Angry Tom to pen jealous two-minute-hate articles about Trudeau in the lead-up to the election, because apparently Wormtongue needs a tag team partner. But arguably worse is that it was none other than the national broadcaster that stood in "solidarity" with Deplorebel Media after Freeland attempted to deny them a press pass. Déjà vu all over again? Because I can vouch for the fact that the Big Three networks and the fash-curious NYT did the same thing when Obama tried to kick out Fox. The project to turn Canada into the 51st state continues unabated. Harper's ministry of untruth.

    The fourth estate is a fifth column. To borrow a line from Gerry Butts, Postmafia is no better than "Infowars and other Nazi friends of the Rebel." Boycott their advertisers and short the stock. To paraphrase the late, great Mike Royko, no self-respecting fish would let itself be wrapped in a Paul Godfrey paper. There is no truth in the news and there is no news in the truth.

    1. Hi Jackie....You're right, Postmedia may be the biggest and the baddest but there are many other organizations debasing Canadian journalism from the CBC to Global News.I suspect that Big Oil may have a hand in this by subsidizing some organizations that are in desperate need of money. And if that is true sooner or later they will be found out, and their credibility won't just be damaged it will be cremated....

  2. Simon, I'm worried again. Dion and JWR seem likely to be Canada's version of James Comey, releasing "reminders" of the controversy that dare not speak its name right before the election. I hope voters are over it by now and/or have bigger fish to fry (particularly in Ontario where there's a really big one), but I'm worried the Con media will blow it up as per their Con partisan mandate, and bury JT once and for all. I read an excerpt from Wherry's book about a meeting JT and JWR had at an airport in Vancouver. She ambushed him out of bitterness over her "dream job" and she's still lurking and bound to do it again. Maybe he should call the election for mid-August rather than risk a negative news cycle heading into October? Isn't there any way the report can be delayed so Canada doesn't end up with a repeat of the "bombshell" Hillary's Emails reveal?

    1. The report is out, and Trudeau has been found in ethical violation ☹ All the Con Media is cycling it over and over, having 'experts' talk about getting Trudeau criminally too. I'm really worried this will obliterate all the inroads the Liberals have made in the polls ☹

    2. I do fear for Canada but if JT goes down electorally, he should just pack up the fam and skip the country. Scheer would "lock him up" a la Hillary or Lula of Brazil. I wrote him a letter in February saying, for his own safety, come to the states and work on his tell-all to clear his name. We have actual Russian spies in the White House -- a guy whose worst "offense" amounts to being railroaded by a disgruntled employee for brushing up against workplace protocol would be treated like a god. He was framed! I hope it doesn't affect his chances in October though, because I want to see him beat the rap. I mean, seriously -- look at the Nazi thug we have, Canadian voters would be foolish to throw their guy away!

    3. There are other countries much safer than the US.

    4. Hi Unknown...Don't worry be happy. The Con media's blanket coverage of the fake scandal only ended because most Canadians got sick of it. They will not appreciate it being dug up again and the Cons will pay the price...

  3. Its the same in talk radio, they have panels and to be fair invite the NDP who join the echo chamber. Event The Star is on an pro WeakAndy bent, follow the money.

    I think all smart Canadians should be able to see who wants a better Canada
    and who wants a Canada that is American.

  4. Jordan Peterson isn't just a rightwinger: he is a virulent misogynist and homophobe.