Monday, August 19, 2019

The Never-Ending Homophobia Of Andrew Scheer

When I last wrote about Andrew Scheer he was marching in an Acadian parade in New Brunswick.

And being made to look like a fool by Justin Trudeau.  

As well as a loser and a serial liar.

And although Scheer was missing from this parade in Montreal yesterday.

Trudeau and other political leaders still managed to make him look like a loser, and a bigot. 


A jubilant, rainbow-hued crowd lined the streets of Montreal on Sunday as federal and provincial political rivals set their differences aside to march together in the city’s annual Pride parade.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, who has faced criticism from his rivals for skipping previous pride parades, did not attend. His team has said he shows support for the LGBT community in other ways.

For although Scheer's absence was not a surprise, it should not be taken for granted either. 

Not when Pride, as Trudeau reminded Canadians, is more than about just parties and parades.

“Pride is about more than just coming out one day a year to celebrate, it’s about standing united on tough days too,” he said. 

“It’s about saying no to homophobia, it’s about saying no to transphobia, no to hatred and discrimination in every form.”

Not when hatred against LGBT people is on the rise all over the world. From London, England.

Where those two young women were attacked on a bus, and even a gay Guardian columnist isn't safe from right-wing thugs.

To Berlin where even monuments to the dead are vandalized.

To Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. 

Where even the police are part of the problem.

But despite that, and despite what he says, Scheer has never lifted a finger to support that community in any way since he began his political career working for an Alliance MP who was obsessed with jailing gay Canadians. 

But has instead voted against any bill designed to make their lives safer and better.

Which not only makes him an ugly homophobe, but also exposes him as a dangerous  religious fanatic.

A member of the increasingly powerful religious right, the ones who worship Trump, and are determined to rollback the rights of women and gay people.

And after a while it all starts to add up.

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

And Scheer is part of the problem.

A religious fanatic, a bigot, a far right extremist...

But if he thinks that he can keep hiding behind a creepy smile and a mask of lies.

Or thinks that his own bigotry won't help destroy him.

He couldn't be more wrong...


Jackie Blue said...

Meanwhile, Boris did his fellow Brexshitter a solid by releasing the jihadist guy into the wild ahead of G7. Dovetails (or should I say hawktails) with the bleater of the opposition's latest "Lock Him Up" Trumpism where he made another prank call to the RCMP and riles up the Islamophobia vote at the same time. Now the mouthbreathers are calling for Scheeria al-Jaqass to make "Jihad Justin" share a cell with Jack. Oh, but wouldn't that be political interference in a criminal proceeding? The cognitive dissonance is strong with these ones.

Note the media silence on the Proud Boys attack on Portland and the direct connection to Hamster boy, Ruble Media and the CPC. If there was a credible class of journalists in Canada they'd be asking him, if you don't want Jihad Jack to come back then what's your take on Gavin McAnus? Because of course it's only terrorism when brown people or the mythical boogeyman of "Anti-Fa" do it. Otherwise it's conservative free speech.

On the plus side, Jihadgate is a useful channel-changing distraction from the latest fake scandal aftershock, at least until (and in hope that) the Liberals shut down the next installment of the O.J. trial and the policy-devoid whiners have another "cover-up" to complain about. The downside is 30-some-odd percent of the population is too damn stupid and bigoted to deserve the franchise. Their pride is in the name of hate.

Steve said...

JT should say lock up the IRA, the Spanish Civil War Vets and good old Dr Bethune.
Chances are this guy was on a CIA payroll recurited by MI5 and CISIS.

Jackie Blue said...

Also, back on-topic of this post:

I Scheerly doubt that Jim Watson will forget Andy's silence on his historic and courageous coming out.

My hope is that after October, everyone will just forget Andy as he fades to silence.

Jackie Blue said...

Just something I wanted to add here. We all know cons are disgusting homophobes but of course they're misogynistic too. (And as I've pointed out, misogyny against men = homophobia.) If you happen to notice the reaction to the announcement that the official English and French debates will be moderated by five female journalists, make sure to have some Dramamine on hand. Particularly for the responses directed at Althia Raj, the only woman of color on the panel. The only positive part of this is that it proves Trudeau correct, as usual: we need to keep pushing for equality until the Twitterverse no longer explodes.

As an aside, they'll no doubt do a better job than DicklessPW at the Maclame's debate, who'll politely ask Scheer how he would put more money in Canadians' pockets and more puppies in their baskets, while grilling Trudeau as to why he hates strong women, is a genocidal racist against Indigenous people and an irredeemable criminal who should do hard time at Gitmo for obstructing justice, and how he became a fake news lying crooked imposter who wants to buy Greenland. That is, if he doesn't just cut out the verbiage and address Trudeau as Mr. Hitler.

Proof positive the old white guys in the media need to dry up and go away.

Jackie Blue said...

re: Andy's homophobia. Viral video of the HoC "leg of a dog" speech.

I think the Liberals just detonated him. With plenty of rainbow glitter scattering among the debris. Perhaps now we know what was being talked over at Pride.

Well played, Mr. Trudeau. Now that's what I call Tru Grit.