Friday, August 30, 2019

Andrew Scheer's Cowardly Lying Newser

It had been over a week since the Liberals dug up a tape of Andrew Scheer comparing LGBT Canadians to dogs.

And about four days since his Cons were caught lying about abortion in Quebec.

But still the cowardly Scheer remained huddled with his advisers, and refusing to show his face.

Until at last he was forced to hold a newser, and what a disaster it was.

With Scheer claiming that the gay marriage issue was settled in 2005, and that he would always stand up for the rights of LGBT Canadians.

While forgetting to mention that he has voted against all bills designed to make the lives of gay people better and safer, including voting against human rights protection for trans people, the most vulnerable of all sexual minorities, in 2017.

And of course never apologizing for calling gay people dogs.

And it was the same for abortion rights. 

With Scheer claiming he would never reopen that debate, while failing to explain why he has a different abortion message depending on who he is talking to.

Or failing to explain why if he isn't planning to reopen that debate he is quietly parachuting anti-abortion candidates into ridings all over Canada.

Which earned him a failing grade from me.

And will hopefully earn him a failing grade from Canadians in October.

Finally, I am proud that I had Andrew Scheer pegged from the moment he became Con leader, more than any in the MSM, and more than most in our so-called progressive blogosphere.

Proud to have predicted that Scheer's brutish religious fanaticism would eventually trip him up.

Proud to have helped explain why Scheer hates Justin Trudeau so much.

And proud to support the only leader who can beat the bastard.

And be a prime minister for all Canadians...


Jackie Blue said...

I hope it means the end of his chances in October too, Simon. Unfortunately, I worry that he (and/or Harper) knows he's a cornered animal, and we know how cornered animals react. We also know that those religious fanatics will pull out all the stops to enact their Talibangelical agenda even if it means illegal methods. So much for rule of law, they only believe in whatever their bogus interpretation of their holy book tells them, the Charter be damned. Anything is acceptable as long as it's "in service to God." And they have the nerve to point fingers and fearmonger about "creeping sharia."

There are still two months to go, which doesn't sound like a lot until you realize that a week really is an eternity in politics. I still fear a desperate October Surprise last-minute scandal bomb, an RCMP arrest, or something else damaging to the Liberals or, especially, Trudeau in particular. They don't really have anything, but what's stopping them from making shit up? Remember Comey and the laptop, or Pizzagate?

Heck, they wouldn't go so far as to have JT shot, would they? 😳

rumleyfips said...

Poor dumb andy , . After taking a week to ( slowly ) think, he has managed to offend both pro-choice and ant-choice people. That's just about everybody.

Jackie Blue said...

They hit back. Didn't take long. Now they're raising a stink about a Muslim candidate (of course) who said some things about Israel. Yet Cooper remains in caucus, and Ghada Melek is still a candidate, but I can't qwhite figure out why...

I think Lori King here nailed it on the head:

I have a feeling Harper and Adelson turned screws on B'nai.

Just what we need, a good old-fashioned Canadian holy war. Colonizers going to colonize, ain't it the truth!

Anonymous said...

How many mouths would Scheer have if you counted his ass as a mouth? The answer is one. Just because Scheer speaks through his ass it does not make his ass a mouth. However, with Corpse Harper crawling out from his tomb, the term mouth, ass and Scheer figured prominently in that rising of the dead.

brawnfire said...

JD, I laughed so loud I scared the cats.
They treaded carpet!

Anonymous said...

There was a momentary pause in the anti Trudeau pro Scheer junk that Post Media and associates published but now its back with a vengeance. Suspect it had something to do with the legal implications associated with their demands that their journalists become more Con friendly. Obviously the remedy is in place and its full speed ahead with God bless Scheer and his fight against the Satanic Trudeau, but why would the journalists go along with it? The company is a zombie scheduled to terminate around 2023/2024 when the next debt hurtle matures and the blood suckers have drained every drop of cash leaving an empty hollow shell with nothing for the employees, no future no pension. Perhaps its because desperate people do desperate things to survive short term or perhaps they believe the Cons will reward them by bailing them out. Well at least we do not have to worry about Putin hacking our election, Post Media has openly volunteered to do it for them while those responsible for protecting our democracy sit quietly on the sidelines.


Jackie Blue said...

Dammit universe. You took the wrong Harper away.

Jackie Blue said...

This ought to make you happy too -- new Léger poll. Tie ballgame masks the fact that it's flyover country skewing the stats.

I ran the headline through Bing Translate:

"Sondage: L'avortement rattrape Scheer."

"Poll: Abortion [issue] catches up with Scheer."

I found it interesting that the word for "catching up" in French is "rattrape". False cognate, I know, but still: I suppose you can interpret it as

"Abortion [issue] ratfucks Scheer." 🐀