Sunday, December 13, 2015

Now Will the CBC Finally Fire Rex Murphy?

It couldn't have been a more jarring contrast. While negotiators in Paris worked desperately to put the finishing touches on a historic climate change deal. 

And prepared to celebrate its successful conclusion.

Back in Toronto, the Con clown and climate change denier Rex Murphy was clearly not pleased.

Mounting his Petromedia Postmedia pulpit, to blow hot air out of every oily orifice. 

As only he can...

And sounding like the Mad Prophet of the Tar Ponds.

As this edition of the Post hits the stands, the great Conclave of Catastrophists in Paris will have concluded. The last goose will gladly have surrendered its swollen liver — foie gras does not come without exertion — to the last epicure environmentalist.

Still denying the science, 

How much mental energy must have been expanded over that winsome 0.5 degrees, 80 years down the road? The subtleties involved, the logical intricacies deployed, would have outpaced Aquinas and sent poor Augustine to bed early with a migraine. However, the modern monks of the High Church of Global Warming have resources that the early philosophers and theologians could not even dream of — they have computer models that dance in the direction wished of them. 

And when what they deliciously refer to as the “settled science” does not serve their needs, they have always about them the ancient texts of Earth in the Balance by Reverend Al Gore, or the early press releases of the Dun Scotus of Global Warming, Cardinal Emeritus George Monbiot.

Still mocking scientists, and climate change activists. 

I do not wish to end on a cynical turn here. There has been on undeniable improvement wrought from this great Conclave. St. Leonardo di Caprio, patron spirit of The Yachts of the Monaco Basin, learned for the first time this week that there is such a thing as a chinook. So we now know that there is a least one fact in that well-photographed head of his, and that probably makes it superior to many of those other heads that met so urgently in Paris.

Still sounding like a maniac, or a shameless paid pimp for Big Oil...

Because let's face it, Rexy has written a lot of stinky stuff, but that column has to be one of his worst, and almost certainly his craziest.

And clearly reveals him as a sinister climate change denier, trying to mask his bitterness behind a smoke screen of big words.

So while I understand the CBC has many other big problems, as I pointed out the other night...

A President like Hubert Lacroix and his Con board, who are frantically trying to sell the furniture, after driving the corporation into the ground.

A bunch of useless managers who have caused staff morale to hit rock bottom.

Many employees of Canada’s national broadcaster believe the CBC workplace is psychologically unhealthy and managers do not deal effectively with issues that may threaten or harm them, according to an internal survey carried out following the Jian Ghomeshi scandal.

And of course the brutal legacy of the Harper years...

One thing is for sure, or blatantly obvious to anyone who knows ANYTHING about journalism.

Its news department will NEVER recover its credibility, as long as it continues to employ a fanatical climate change denier, and paid cheerleader for Big Oil, as the editorial voice of its flagship show The National.

Because Gerald Butts, Justin Trudeau's principal secretary, is right to ask this question:

That National Post article is absolute jibberish. It should be denounced by every sane Canadian, and it should mark the end of Murphy's career at the CBC.

Enough is enough.

Fire that Con clown tomorrow....

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  1. Anonymous7:04 AM

    You are a sane Canadian? A sane person? Pfffft, as if.

    1. hi anon...yes I am sane, how about you? Do you find Murphy's absurd rant rational?
      Because if you do may I suggest you get fitted for a straitjacket or a penguin suit?
      Because like so many Cons these days your bitterness is blinding you or driving you crazy. I wish I could tell you that it's going to get better for you and your gang. But it isn't. So Pffft that one out of what ever orifice you choose... ;)

    2. Anonymous1:08 PM

      Congratulations on your powers of intellectual arguement. Personal insult always wins the day.

      What about the part of Montreal that will be under water because of global warming in the not so distant future? What about the dismemberment of the CBC over the last nine years following decades of hard work? There was a time when the CBC was the only way that Canadians got their news and entertainment, and what has happened to the CBC is shameful. Personal attacks on those that care to talk about it is even more shameful.


    3. That is brilliant, infer or state that some is insane or not sane, then be offended when they do the same. Stunning really.

    4. hi Unknown...I do apologize to anon 7:04 for being a bit rude. I try very hard to be polite to all who comment here irrespective of their political views, and I urge others to do the same. So I did not set a good example, and for that I'm sorry. But I'm tired of people who just leave an insult without backing them up. If you think I'm wrong or crazy please explain why you think I am. When I was only repeating what many others had said on Twitter and other sites. Rex Murphy's climate change denial rant WAS deranged. Anybody care to argue it wasn't? Go ahead. And if you can't, and you called me insane, then you definitely get the penguin suit... ;)

    5. No need, I misread and now that I have read with more focus I realize my statement was wrong. Sorry about that.

  2. Anonymous9:52 AM

    We have to waken some of those groups who fought so hard to win the election for Canadians. I expect they are resting after their labours but if they spring into action again with petitions and letter writing we might get rid of people like Rex and Deepak and others.

    1. hi know I actually wrote a section in this post where I complained that although we have a progressive government everywhere I looked all I saw was Cons. On the air, in the newspapers, and at the post office. In the end I removed it because the post was too long. But yes, if we want to get our Canada truly back we've got some cleaning house to do....

    2. Anonymous1:13 PM

      Exactly Simon! Change in government was a start. There is much to reclaim.

    3. hi anon...yes it seems it's going to take a little longer to pry the deathly hands of the Cons off the levers of power. But that's OK, one day at a time or one finger at a time... ;)

  3. Well, they certainly weren't going to feed delegates (or support staff) horrible chemical-laden fast food, were they? The menu was designed to spotlight "des produits de saison respectueux de l'environnement et du développement durable" (seasonal products respectful of the environment and sustainable development). I haven't seen any foie gras on any of the menus, simply because many people object to it. It isn't something the average Frenchperson (even in the upper classes) eats daily, and many never do.

    It is always funny to see right wing shills like Rex Murphy suddenly become concerned about the fact that political leaders and other members of the global élite are treated better than the average Joe, Abdel, Wong or Patel. We see the same with racists opposed to welcoming Syrian and other refugees who suddenly have discovered the homeless and many other poor Canadians who could well use a warm winter coat.

    And of course, a scientific consensus is reduced to religious doctrine.

    While old Rex continues to worship the god of petroleum and its murderous offspring, from carcentric development to the even more lethal weapons of war.

    The sad thing is that even if his services are no longer required, at 68 years of age he has already worked beyond the customary pensionable age and will continue to spout his nonsense elsewhere until he dies.

    1. hi lagatta....Murphy is a millionaire, he can easily afford to retire, and his act is getting more old and tired by the day. I just read that gaseous column of his again, and it is absolute gibberish. Any person who still denies climate change is happening is either nuts or a shill for Big Oil. And having a tea bagger like Murphy on the flagship news show makes the CBC look like amateurs and idiots...

  4. Fatuous Dunce word smith Rex Murphy can stuff his prodigious pie hole.

    Tell me how a BA in English and Rhodes Scholar makes him an expert on Climate change?

    1. hi Dan...Murphy's fancy words have always surrounded a hollow core, or concealed his reactionary tea bagger message. Having a windbag and oil shill like him putting down science and scientists makes him nothing less than a dangerous demagogue...

  5. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Harper dumped 1000s of his cronies and morons into the upper echelons of management of the federal government and Crown corporations.
    It's time we started a petition that asks ALL of them to either quietly leave, acknowledging that their appointment was a political one OR compel them to run for their position in an open competition.

    OR ... if that doesn't work, humiliate them. Give them crap jobs to do and make it hard to get anything back for things like expenses, vacations and so on.

    1. hi anon...I agree. What good is it having a progressive government if it still looks and sticks like Con? Our side has the power now, and we should wield it ruthlessly against them, as they'd against us, and had they won would have done again. Progressives must not let their decency stop the from doing what must be done...

  6. Peggy6:35 PM

    Rex Murphy, as well as being a really bad writer (sophomoric overwrought prose) is a dishonest idiot and an embarrassment to Canadian journalism. No wonder the Harpercons love him.

    1. hi Peggy...I agree, he is an embarrassment, he does use far too many big old fashioned words to gild his lily pad, and I simply can't understand why he wasn't fired long ago...

  7. Anonymous6:35 PM

    The CBC is on its way back as they ran a W5 documentary on the bombing mission in Syria that never would have saw the light of day if the Cons were still in power. It not only refuted the Canadian military claim of only a few civilian casualties so far but also provided evidence that ISIS have dispersed their fighters among the civilian population so that bombing their positions automatically kills civilians as well. The more civilians killed and infrastructure destroyed the more converts they gain. Motivated by either revenge or survival.
    Its a perfect Con feedback loop...the stronger the terrorists the more power the Cons can wield over their own fearful population. The trick is to keep the level of engagement just right not too much or too little fear however guys like Putin and Trump are threatening to upset that apple cart so change is coming. Hopefully it will be to help whats left of the Syrian population and not just another tactical strategy that best serves the players.

    1. hi RT...I am not a CBC basher, I believe strongly in public broadcasting, and the CBC still has some very good journalists. But some of its hapless managers, and its Con board should be fired, because as that survey shows staff morale is in the dumper,.
      As for the bombing in Syria, I have now seen several reports describing how the ISIS crazies shelter among the population, so it is practically impossible to kill them and not kill civilians. So until a proper ground force can be assembled to dislodge them, this Great war on ISIS is going nowhere...

  8. e.a.f.8:42 PM

    Fire Rex Murphy? not on your life. Its called freedom of speech and its a democracy. He may be wrong about a lot of what he says, but it doesn't qualify as hate speech, so in my opinion, he continues. He gives voice to an opinion shared by many in this country.

    Firing Rex Murphy is no different, in my opinion, than silencing scientists during the Harper years. Just the other side doing much the same as was done before. It is not in society's best interests to silence the dissenters, the "crazies, the out of step because they too bring something to the table.

    Now as to some of what Rex Murphy wrote, well it was funny that Leonardo d.c. didn't know what a Chinook was and yes some of those who ride the environmental wage ought to have a good look at their live styles. they aren't that environmental. They make good livings from their positions and that is fine by me, but really flying first class or business class to these environmental conferances, etc. not so environmental.

    I do sincerely wish the world would get with the environmental agenda, but give the greed of human nature, I doubt it will happen.

    1. hi e.a.f... every time I criticize Murphy, or demand that he be fired, you rise to defend him. Which is fine, that's your right. But remember this is not a question of freedom of speech, it's a question of journalistic balance. Like the Tower of Pisa Murphy always leans to the same side. So either they should bring in another commentator to balance his presentation, or he should be fired from The National....

    2. Anonymous1:26 PM

      Rax Murphy is an arsehole.... opening his stupid informed mouth makes the earth temperatures rise!!!!! i would rather listen to a good fart than this minion spewing Hitler Harper shat!!!!!!!

    3. e.a.f.2:37 PM

      I know I "defend" him. I don't like him and I don't like what he says, its just that he has the right to say it. Its a different point of view. yes I'm aware he gets paid by others and it most likely does "colour" his opinions, but its better to have it out there. If nothing else, it reminds people of how "crazy" some opinion are and it provides a "teaching" moment.

      And Simon, yes, next time you write about Rex, I'll be writing also. It is what I like about this blog and this country.

  9. I think the difference between the muffling of scientists by Harper and shutting up Murphy's rhetoric, is that Murphy has taken money from Big Oil for speaking engagements. In my opinion, this makes him a paid shill and should preclude him from making public statements about his issue through the CBC or at least they should use a disclaimer before he opens his bought-off pie hole.

  10. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Goes to show that just because you know a lot of fancy words it doesn't mean you can think. I suppose he has got through life impressing with his fancy words. A sort of surface shine with nothing but rust behind it.

    1. I'd be the last person to defend a reactionary pompous arse like Rex, but arts and letters courses are important to society. Normally they should teach people to think. I don't have a scientific background, but I am able to understand scientific discourse; I've had to for work purposes.

  11. "The last goose will gladly have surrendered its swollen liver — foie gras does not come without exertion — to the last epicure environmentalist."

    Um, ARE aware, I hope, that environmentalists tend to be AGAINST the force-feeding of geese for fatty liver pâté, right?

    Oh, silly me. Of course you're not. You're Rex Murphy, Professional Elaborately Stupid Person. You don't HAVE to make sense.