Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Big Rain and the Sinking Harper Cons

Well I'm glad I didn't have to go to work yesterday afternoon eh?

So I didn't have to wear a bathing suit to the office, or be rescued from a train by the marine unit.

Or have to enter a car in such an undignified fashion, after the Big Rain.

Although I suppose it could have been worse...

And at least now I know for SURE that you can't count on Rob Ford in an emergency...

But then I knew that eh? And although was in the darkness for a couple of hours I didn't really care.

Because by then I was already celebrating this flood...

Which when I heard it flush, gave me a sudden feeling of ELATION.

A bit like Ed had when he heard the news from Egypt...

And the best news? We're going to have a lot of those elation moments in the weeks and months ahead.

Because Stephen Harper's summer is turning into a nightmare. The extreme weather events in Alberta and Toronto, as well as the tragedy in Lac Megantic, have put a spike in his plans to turn Canada into a petro-state.

And with the Senate scandal growing worse by the day, even some in his own base are abandoning him.

More worryingly for the prime minister is that only 6 per cent strongly approved of how this has been managed, while 41 per cent strongly disapproved — including 10 per cent of Conservative voters. Add the 28 per cent who said they somewhat disapproved, and you have more than 1-in-3 Tory supporters (a group whose ranks have already been whittled down) not exactly enamoured with Harper's handling of the issue.

But, again, these sorry numbers were from a poll taken before the recent news emerged. And with the prime minister sticking with his story, there does not seem to be any chance his approval ratings on the scandal are going to go anywhere but down.

Great Ugly Leader was hoping to press the reset button on his tired government  this summer before Parliament resumes in the fall. But he can forget about that now.

The flood of history is sweeping him away to his destruction...

Glug. Glug. Glug.

And the future has never looked brighter.

And how do I feel about that?

Well, I could go on and on, but we're being asked to conserve electricity because the city's power supply, like the Con regime, is apparently "hanging by a thread."

So I'll just say this: Vic Toews has been flushed down the toilet, Stephen Harper and the other Cons will soon be following him.

And I'm going to be taking a little time out.

To do some serious CELEBRATING !!!!

Yup. The Cons may have brutalized this country, but they could never kill our spirit.

The present may be perilous.

But the future belongs to us...

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Anonymous said...

Atta go Simon.

The future never looked blighter Steve!


Simon said...

hi p2p... yes I thought I'd try to cheer up the progressive gloomosphere. I mean seriously eh? It's summer i.e. beach and party time. Great Leader is being batted around by scandal and disaster like a ping pong ball. And yet by the way some progressives walk around these days you'd think we were LOSING !!!
When in fact, as you say, Steve's future never looked blighter, and he's never been in so much trouble.
Oh well. If the gloomy ones don't cheer up and enjoy the show, I'm just going to have to do the responsible thing, and party for them !!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Simon, may I come here to scream about TimBloodyPowers? Having just witnessed his performance on P&P re the owner of the rail company responsible for the tragedy in our neighbouring province, how the heck is it that he can throw around words like "obfuscation" and phrases like "lame-ass answers", when talking about this, but never when discussing his fellow CONS behavior?? I didn't know those words were even in his vocabulary...he makes me want to HURL hockey pucks at something. It's not that he was mistaken to say what he did, but his critiques sure are selectve. What a Con creep. Thanks Simon, that was therapeutic.

Simon said...

hi Linda...you can come here and scream about any Con. ;) But yes Tim Powers...he's not the worse member of the Con gang, but like all of them his use of facts is highly selective. However, if I have to admit that I have greatly enjoyed watching him trying to defend the indefensible.Even Pierre Poilievre has been reduced to awkward silence, but old Timmy goes chugging on.One day he will regret EVERYTHING he did or said during this period, but by then it will be too late. It took a lot of collaborators to keep the Con regime in power, and he was one of them...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Simon! And Norquay, now on CON defence because Flanagan took a big dive, makes me want to throw HIM at Powers!! And the awkward silence from Poilievre, is 'delisios'. It's almost curtain-time when the lying liars start shaking in their boots...nothing like finely ground Cons in the wheels of justice...