Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Scary Re-Imagining of Stephen Harper

I still can't believe what Stephen Harper chose to do today, on the first day of the new session of Parliament. 

But it was outrageous, and it said so much about him and his Con regime

For as hundreds of Idle No More supporters, men, women, and children, demonstrated outside in a blinding snow storm, demanding justice and a new beginning. 

Inside the Commons the Prime Minister would only mouth platitudes, because he was too busy tooting tweeting his own horn.

From breakfast with Stanley...

To this high speed power limo ride, which would have impressed even Bev Oda...

But I found sinister and SCARY.

Because living in downtown Toronto I've seen Harper's and Obama's motorcades go by, and Great Ugly Leaders dark procession was bigger, if you can believe it, and definitively more menacing.

But of course the scariest thing is that Stephen Harper is morphing again, re-imagining his image.

For as you know one moment he can be Attila the Hun, or Big Brother eh? 

And the next moment he can be Stevie the nun, or Big Mother... 

Golly. I should have known something was up, when I noticed this little gem the other day, describing his "surprise" visit to the Country Boy Restaurant.

Owner Terry Voulcaridis says one of Harper’s assistants studied in the area and used to come there for breakfast. Voulcaridis says he was told Harper “wanted to mingle and meet the heart of Canada.”

After he finished eating, Harper poured coffee at the restaurant’s bar for three customers hand-picked for the photo-op. The three men debated how to properly address the prime minister before he came over. A waitress, watching the carefully staged photo-op, commented on how funny it looked.

After the coffee pouring, Harper, his entourage and his burly, black-coated bodyguards climbed into a convoy of black SUVs and minivans and zoomed off.

Which somehow managed to be both hilarious and scary.

Because everything Stephen Harper does is carefully scripted. And the very serious question is why is the Con Ministry of Propaganda and Disinformation trying to re-imagine his image? Why Now? Because when he plays Big Mother or Big Daddy he's never more DANGEROUS.

And I think the answer is because he's DESPERATE.

At least judging by this screen grab of him telling Tubby Van Loan what to say...

Government House leader Peter Van Loan said outside the House that the government has no intention of changing or scrapping its controversial legislation, which he said would create jobs for aboriginal people. 

 “Among the greatest beneficiaries will actually be the First Nations that stand to enjoy the economic prosperity that will flow from some of those changes, particularly in the resource development area,” Van Loan said.

For surely only a desperate man, or a maniac, would claim that the Cons are poisoning the land for the benefit of the people who live on it. Instead of selling it out for the profits of foreign interests.

And what all this means to me is that he WILL have his pipeline, and he will do ANYTHING to get it. Even if it tears this country apart.

Yup. Be very afraid Canada. Stephen Harper is morphing, and when the pupal process is complete, what emerges isn't going to be pretty. No matter how much pancake make-up they smear on it.

They can tweet his horn(s) as hard as they can blow.

But they can't re-imagine this nightmare...

Or re-imagine this one...

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Anonymous said...

Simon, I have been told recently that middle federal managers (park superintendents for example) have received calendars with every month featuring Mr. Harper. This is on completely trustworthy authority. I know the person who opened the package. This isn't just desperation, this is some kind of narcissism that if very sick. I'm only anonymous because I need my grandchildren to help me be anything else.

Anonymous said...