Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Julian Fantino and the CIDA Scandal

Last night I wrote a post about how the Harper regime is turning CIDA into the Con International Development Agency. 

I was also planning to mention how the Harperites have turned the CIDA website into another branch of the Con Ministry of Propaganda and Disinformation. 

With the picture of Julian Fantino, and the ads for the Porky Action Plan, and "Responsible Resources Development,"  and even the War of 1812.

But I had to cut it out for length reasons, and now I see others have beaten me to this scandal.

And many are both shocked and outraged. 

And so is Tom Mulcair.

Addressing the issue on CBC News Network’s Power & Politics, Mulcair called the letter critical of the NDP a “clear violation of the rules.” “I’ve never seen that in my life — that a minister would use government property for a partisan political attack,” he told host Evan Solomon.

As we should all be outraged, to see a once great Canadian institution like CIDA turned into another branch of the slimy Con propaganda machine.

So now I just want to make one thing clear eh? I ALWAYS thought Julian Fantino was the wrong man for the job.

And point out that although the CIDA website has taken down those stories, they are still running this message warning to Africa from Great Mining Leader.

"The development of mining, oil and gas resources in Africa is critical to the future prosperity of the continent," said Prime Minister Harper. "The support announced today will help African countries manage their natural resources responsibly and transparently with a view to accelerating sustainable economic growth, creating jobs and reducing poverty."

Demanding more transparency, if you can believe that eh?

When the unfortunate reality is considerably more sordid. 

A highly critical human rights report released Tuesday is shedding new light on the darker implications of the Conservative government's ambitions for Canadian mining companies in Africa. The report by Human Rights Watch says Vancouver-based Nevsun Resources Ltd. (TSX: NSU) failed to ensure that forced labour was not used in the construction of its mine in Eritrea, the hermit-like pariah state on the Horn of Africa.

As it is in and around many Canadian mines all over the world. Where the environment is raped, and unions are busted. Just like the Cons are trying to do in Canada, and would have CIDA promote abroad. 

You know, some people have accused me of attacking Stephen Harper for the sheer hell of it. Because it amuses me scorn a bully. Or let the air out of his balloon.

Or mock his bestial instincts...

But they're wrong eh? The only reason I do it is because I hate the way him and his sleazy regime are corrupting my country. Turning something so beautiful into something so ugly. Debasing our precious values beyond belief. Shaming us in the eyes of the world. 

And as I said last night, playing cheap politics with the lives of hungry people is about as low as you can go. And this is the bottom line:

Julian Fantino should be fired, or demoted to crossing guard. 

CIDA should hang its head in shame.

And Stephen Harper must be stopped and eventually defeated..

Before he corrupts us further...

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgraceful behaviour from Fantino. His only saving grace is that he's too stupid to grasp why what he did was wrong.

Beijing York said...