Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Unspeakable Horror of Sun News

You have seen them on their grubby channel assaulting the decency of Canadians.

Attacking the weak and the vulnerable, like a pack of filthy cowards.

Smearing native people, Muslims, the Roma, even those who would defend bullied children in our schools.

Now they're begging for money, trying to force the CRTC to make us pay for their ugly, evil programming. And look who is answering their desperate call. 

Can you believe that collection of losers? Racists, homophobes, gun nutters, anti-choice fanatics, the Con scum of the earth.

And they want decent Canadians to pay for THAT? 

I don't think so eh? 

In April the CRTC will decide whether to grant their request for mandatory carriage. Make sure the answer is NO.

Sign this petition or send a letter to the following address...

And don't forget the reference number.

Tell the CRTC no Canadians should be forced to pay for HATE. And if Sun News wants their blood money they should collect it from their disgusting bigot base.

Or run more of their cheap ads for plumbing devices and bearded ladies...

They're on their last legs. They are bleeding money out of every orifice. They're drowning in their own excrement.

They're desperate, they're screaming like ninnies and wailing like banshees. 


If we can stop them from groping our wallets, they'll be DEAD before the summer is over.

Do it now. For the sake of human decency.

Bury that filthy Con channel...

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  1. Anonymous7:16 PM

    This is horrifying. Another propaganda machine for Harper's corrupt government? No thank you.

    You do wonderful work for all of we Canadians, concerned about our country. Thank you so much Simon. Petition signed.

    1. hi anonymous...good for you for signing the petition. We really have to do all we can to stop this outrageous money grab. The Sun gang is trying to rustle up signatures so we should do the same. I'm afraid these days I don't trust the CRTC to do the right thing since everything in Ottawa has been intimidated or corrupted. So the more pressure we can bring to bear the better...

    2. Anonymous2:33 AM

      Sun news network is the greatest news channel in canada. Other ways all i would be listening to is left wing propaganda where they hide all the stories that make obama and trudeau and other liberal/NDP mps look bad. Did you hear about the LIBERAL robocall scandal? Ofcourse not! They never dare speak badly of there own members.

  2. Anonymous9:10 PM

    OMFG Simon....I don't even know where to get started on these guys. I"ve given up even engaging in rational discussion on their comment boards as it quickly devolves into infantile name-calling. Apparently, I'm a leftard commie socialist. Oddly they go quiet when I point out that I voted Conservative back in the day and consider myself small "c" conservative on some issues. Apparently they just can't grasp the concept that there can be a variety of different opinion out there.

    I whole-heartedly signed this petition and can't wait to see Ezra and the gang's last broadcast. I just might record it watch the whole thing for shits and giggles.

    1. hi Way Way you know decent conservatives like you are always welcome here. And the Sun gang exists in a parallel universe of its own, more teabagger American than Canadian conservative.
      I've seen them do horrible things, from mocking Jack Layton's death or trying to kill anti-bully programs, to the hatemongering aimed at the Roma. But the racist way they went after aboriginal people in the last few weeks was the absolute limit. I'm all for freedom of the press, but I will not pay for bigotry...

  3. Replies
    1. hi wazz...good for you, every signature counts. If the Sun gang was hoping to overwhelm the CRTC with their support, I think they're in for a rude surprise...

  4. e.a.f.1:09 AM

    this is the same corporation which doesn't like social programs for those who have insufficient funds to provide food, shelter, clothing, etc. for their children. Well lets begin the cuts to welfare by not funding big corporations. If money is to be spent by the government let it be for health care, education, prison reform, First Nations housing, larger pensions for the disabled. The list goes on. If the t.v. station can't attract enough viewers to make a profit then they need to review their business model. Canada has the CBC and that is good enough. We don't need another t.v. channnel which has to be supported. It isn't like they are providing any useful service to canada.

  5. hi e.a.f... I completely agree with you, but the problem is we're making rational arguments, and the Sun gang is only interested in stirring up emotions and smearing their opponents. Whatever they claim the only reason they don't have any viewers is because there programming is unwatchable, even for many conservatives. The only reason the Peladeau empire created the channel was to attack the CBC, which stands in the way of it having a total monopoly in Quebec.
    But Korncob Teneycke and his rubes didn't know what they were doing, it bombed, and now they want us to pay for it. Good luck...

  6. Anonymous6:55 AM

    " . . .the Sun gang is only interested in stirring up emotions and smearing their opponents." . . . .
    Exactly, Simon, that's their stock in trade--as well as
    name-calling--e.g. "nanny state".

    They're deesperately trying to rustle up support for their cause
    and the smell of male pheromones is ovewhelming.
    If all goes well, Mr. Bluster will remain on talk radio based in
    Winnipeg, Edna LeRant will go back to Alberta and Michael Coren
    will sell religious goods on a shopping channel. As for
    David Menzies--he'd be a good sidekick for Jerry Agar on CFRB.

    I hope the whole stinking channel goes off air by summer's end.

    O, the desperation of the Conservatives! They can't make a solid
    business case for their channel anymore than the Harperites can
    run a country on democratic principles. Bahto the lot of them!


    1. hi Torontonian...I always knew it was going to be a lousy channel, but I have to admit I was shocked at how amateurish, vulgar, and just plain ugly it turned out to be. I only wish SCTV was still around, because they would have had a hoot mocking it.
      If the channel had just been a vehicle for conservative opinion I might not have been so annoyed at the thought of paying for it. But as I said in my post I simply will not pay for bigotry...

  7. Anonymous10:28 PM

    And APTN is? LOL

    1. hi anonymous...actually APTN is a pretty decent channel. They do some really good journalism, and unlike Sun News they've got class...