Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Steve Harper and the Con Bandidos

Gawd. I realize Steve Harper is the leader of the worst gang of bandidos ever to ride into Ottawa.

But this is getting ridiculous eh?

Yesterday it was Julian Fantino hijacking the CIDA website, today we learn that Dean Del Mastro's campaign is being investigated by the RCMP. 

RCMP officers have been brought in to help Elections Canada with two separate investigations into alleged financing violations in the 2008 campaign of Dean Del Mastro, parliamentary secretary to the prime minister.

Mounties from the Integrated Technical Crime Unit were brought in to analyze computer evidence in Elections Canada’s investigation of allegations of campaign spending by Del Mastro’s 2008 re-election campaign in his Peterborough riding.

And now they're banging on the doors of Con supporters all over the place !!!!!

Last week, Inspector Paul Collins began knocking on doors in the Toronto area, hoping to interview donors who had given money to either Del Mastro’s campaign or to the Conservative Party association in his riding.

Which at least explains why the Deaner hasn't been seen heard for a while eh? 

Although he served as the government’s lead defender of the robocalls allegations, Dean Del Mastro has kept a low profile since news of the allegations about his campaign first surfaced last spring. 

He retains the role as parliamentary secretary to the prime minister, earning $15,834 on top of his MP’s pay of $157,731, but rarely answers questions in the House of Commons. He has also skipped 11 consecutive meetings of the House of Commons Access to Information and Ethics committee on which he sits.

And why he has stopped lecturing the opposition about ETHICS....

But of course it doesn't explain why this ghastly Con gang is still in power.

The In and Out scandal, the robocall scandal, the G20 spending, the Porky Action Scam, the F-35 boondoggle, the oily lobbyists, the mugging of Parliament, the gang banging of our lakes and rivers, the gun running scandal with Colombia.

Oh. My. Godfather. I watch crime shows on TV all the time eh? But I can't keep up with this one. How long will the Harper bandidos get away with stealing our country and raping our values? 

Answer: until the day we defeat them, if the police don't arrest them first.

Golly. When I think about that, and how much I DON'T miss hearing from Dean Del Mastro...

And I think of all the material we're going to have for the hardest hitting attack ads in Canadian history.

And how they are going to have to have a PG rating, for the many scenes of brutal incompetence, and moral depravity.

And I think about how this scary crime show could have a REALLY happy ending.

Knock. Knock. Steve Harper? It's the POLICE.

I can't help wondering whether Great Mob Leader could really play Elvis eh?

And whether his Con bandidos can dance.

Because I REALLY love this song...

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