Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jimbo Flaherty's War on Kevin Page

As you know Jimbo Flaherty, the Con man now posing as a Finance Minister, really hates Kevin Page, the Parliamentary Budget Officer. 

And for all the right reasons.

For proving him wrong over and over again, and making him look like he doesn't know what he's doing.

And of course for taking him and the rest of the Harper gang to court, to try to find out if they've been cooking the books.

So after trying and failing to silence him for years, by biting him in the ankle over and over again, Jimbo is now going around claiming that Page didn't even understand what his job was all about.

"The idea was that the parliamentary budget officer would ... report to the elected people in the House of Commons about how the government was doing in its budgeting. Sort of being a sounding board, a testing board," Flaherty said in an interview on the Global News program The West Block with Tom Clark. 

"I think that course was the right course, and it could be very valuable to members of Parliament of all parties, including my own party. But (Page) is kind of wandering off and going in other places."

When of course it's Jimbo who doesn't know what he's talking about.

“With great respect to the minister of finance, there is no mention of ‘sounding board’ in the Act,” Page wrote in an email to The West Block.

It's not in the Act, it's not in the Con platform. 

A Conservative government will:

 • Create an independent Parliamentary Budget Authority to provide objective analysis directly to Parliament about the state of the nation’s finances and trends in the national economy.

 • Require government departments and agencies to provide accurate, timely information to the Parliamentary Budget Authority to ensure it has the information it needs to provide accurate analyses to Parliament.

And the way Jimbo is behaving is making a lot of people wonder what kind of PBO the Cons really want....

For clearly they are looking for something cuddly, something that barks on command, or doesn't say anything. And of course rolls over all the time.

And believe it or not, I've found the perfect candidate eh?

In the basement of Boss Harper's HOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I KNOW they're going to love this one.

Oh boy. And what more can I say eh?

Except who knew Mrs Harper needed a new fur coat?

When can we cage those shameless old Con artists?

And how can we thank Kevin Page enough? 

Our decent  Canadian hero.

He is — or should be, at least — a taxpayers’ hero. When you consider all the wimps in this town, all those who cower in fear of retribution from the prime minister and his billy-club brigade, Page’s fortitude in demanding information has been something to behold.

For he served his country well.

And we're really going to miss him...

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bcwaterboy said...

Page shows great courage and leadership in the midst of a government's unprecedented efforts to silence critics. We all should be paying very close attention to this as the transparency and accountability that the reform party has marketed itself on is all smoke and mirrors.

Anonymous said...

I have long wondered why Harper call this party Conservative? He was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation Party in 1989. Those policy's are of that party. That's where Harper's abusive dictatorship comes from.

Mr. Page is far too honest for Harper and Flaherty. Anyone who does not go along with the Cons lies and corruption, are soon got rid of. Ask Corbett, formerly of Elections Canada.

Harper also rewards corrupt thieving politicians. Just ask, ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell.

Flaherty and Harper look total fools. We all know they are trying to hide, their abusive waste of our tax dollars. Everyone knows what an excellent job Mr. Page does.

wazz said...

Flaherty the dimbulb leprechaun has never balanced a budget in his life as a finance minister; here in Ontario when he was finance minister of the horrific Harris wrecking crew, he couldn't even balance the books even though he presided during the largest, biggest, cyclical North American economic upswing in history, riding on the coattails of Wild Zipper Billy Clinton's 25 million jobs created, surplus creating, economic miracle. Even THEN this idiot couldn't balance a budget, as the Cons increased Ontario's debt by 25% and left a $6 billion deficit. (which they tried to hide and bury in the books and lied about, until the provincial auditor outed them). In Ottawa this schmuck was handed a $13 billion surplus, which he promptly squandered well before the recession in 2008 ever even hit, despite promising under his 'leadership' Canada would not be affected by any recession (we were) or that he would never run a deficit. (we have, a record high one, too, AND a first time ever created structural deficit, which means even when good times return, THAT deficit will never go away.) This jackass, Simon, is the worst finance minster, bar none, in this country's history, and he has the audacity to say a word about Kevin Page? Who only told the TRUTH? What is it about open, transparent and accountable that Flaherty isn't happy about? Flaherty and the lying theiving Cons wanted a lapdog, not a watchdog. Its a shame we can't keep Page past March and turf Flaherty.

Simon said...

hi bc waterboy...I wish I could have listed all the times Page has been right, or all the names the Cons have called him, for it's amazing what a battle he had to fight to stick up for the truth.
It's also frightening, and depressing, for as people have pointed out it will have an effect on Page's future employment. Never was a Canadian government so afraid of the truth, and so devoid of decency...

Simon said...

hi anonymous...yes, Kevin Page is too honest for this Con regime. But by standing up to those bullies he has set a good example for all of us. We may not be able to do anything about the situation until the next election, but remaining silent is not an option...

Simon said...

hi wazz...great summation of Jimbo's shockingly incompetent career. The only thing you forgot to mention was that after creating gazillions of homeless people he then threatened to jail them. But of course he's just another Con ideologue who wants to kill government, and creates structural deficits so he can kill more jobs. And of course he's an idiot. He didn't see it coming, he doesn't know what he's doing, and he doesn't know where he's going...