Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How To Stop the Sun News Money Grab

Golly. Call me Nostradamus eh? Almost three years ago I wrote this about the outhouse gang at Sun News Network aka Fox News North:

They don't have the money, or the infrastructure, or the talent, to compete for even a small part of that tiny news market. Or even to be taken seriously. This is going to be the biggest bomb in Canadian network history.

And sure enough, it was a bomb or a lead balloon. Nobody was EVER able to take those Con Klowns seriously, and now they're trying to save themselves by picking our pockets. 

An application to tack about $4 per year on to the cable bills of every subscriber across the country was filed with the CRTC on Monday. The effort emphasizes the “do or die” state of affairs at the channel, which is losing about $17 million a year some 21 months into its existence.

Kory Teneycke, Stephen Harper's former stooge, is begging for his stinky baby's life...

The oily bigot Ezra Levant is begging people to sign a petition...

And I'm urging every decent Canadian to sign this one.

Or send the CRTC a copy of this story.

The TV host who said these words was Ezra Levant, and the broadcaster was the Sun News Network...If the Sun News Network had aired an attack on Jews, the whole country would be outraged...The time has come for all of us to reject hate and bigotry — against any group.

And tell them hate shouldn't PAY.

No Canadian should be forced to subsidize the depravity of weirdos like Levant...

Or homophobes and professional CBC bashers like Brian Lilley...

Or creepy religious fanatics like Michael Coren...

Tell the CRTC Sun TV Fox News North Harper TV is a freak show. Where the men are a bunch of Con cuckoos, the raincoat brigade my parents warned me to stay away from, and the women look like rejects from Jersey Shore. 

Its journalistic independence is dubious.

On the road this summer aboard the "Liberal Express", I witnessed several occasions where Sun reporters in the regions produced a piece of paper with a question for Michael Ignatieff. They would read this query, sometimes saying they'd been told to ask the question by their bosses. Funnily enough, the questions mirrored Conservative talking points that were also sent by email to reporters aboard the bus.

The way it suckles the tit of the taxpayer, and uses our money to subsidize former FLQ terrorists is bad enough.

You know what’s great about Sun News Network? No, it’s not the seamless marriage of perpetual fury and Wayne’s World-esque production values. It’s not even the daily five o’clock cutoff, where all the female talent goes ‘poof!’ and the Sun set becomes a soapbox for hours of spitty white male outrage. The best thing about the folks who bring you “Hard News, Straight Talk” is their utter lack of consistency. Or, since we’re all we’re straight talking here, let’s call it what it really is: hypocrisy.

And the only reason they have so few viewers, is not because their geriatric target audience can't find them on the dial, or can't remember the name of the channel. But because NOBODY wants the crap they are peddling.

So NOBODY should be forced to pay for it. Except for the Con Ministry of Propaganda and Disinformation for whom it works.

So they can explain to the Idle No More movement why Stephen Harper is subsidizing racists.

Because they already have some strong feelings about the Sun News Network eh?

And if this outrageous cable money grab goes ahead, they will soon be joined by millions of other pissed off Canadians. 

The country will be in an uproar. And the CRTC will be totally DISCREDITED.

Yup. Kory Teneycke should take his gasping fish and start a channel like this one.

Or just park his old jalopy clown car.

And accept that his shabby journey is OVER...

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Anonymous said...

There is a slight consolation about Sun TV.
Since Krista Erickson has now left, there's one less person on the payroll.

What is it they say about the rats being the first off a sinking ship?

How soon for Edna LeRant to leave and head back to Alberta and Coren to just plain disappear?

Canadiantvfirst is the new address for their petition and I wonder how few will sign and how many will sign multiple times.

I hope the whole thing is gone by Thanksgiving of this year.


astone said...

Maybe they can sell themselves to a quality news organisation like Al Jazeera. Now that, would be a good thing!!

Anonymous said...

What pisses me off is I just responded to a comment on SUN News asking me to give examples of racism in their comment threads that SUN moderators just leave there for all to see in the name of freedom of expression, I guess. It didn't take long to find examples to cite for my response back. And they want my hard-earned money to subsidize this trollish crap?? I don't bloody think so.