Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stephen Harper and the Con Photo-Op Machine

When I first saw this picture a couple of years ago, I remember being seized with the sudden urge to run to the toilet, and vomit violently. And of course I never forgave Bryan Adams.

But now that I've heard his version of what happened I'm feeling a little more generous.

It turns out he was just another prop in the Con Photo-Op Machine's relentless campaign to try to make Stephen Harper look half human. Just an ordinary guy who, when he's not keeping us safe from terrorists and labour unions, slashing jobs, stealing pensions, or turning us into a Petro/Police state.

Likes to play the piano, write books about hockey, and cuddle up with his kittens...

For who can forget that picture eh?

The one that earned him a spot on the Smile Like You're Dead Inside website, along with all these others. 

And who can forget the fate of those poor kittens?

Or the fate of the poor Electro Motive workers...

To make matters worse, the Con Photo-Op Machine doesn't come cheap.

Documents obtained under Access to Information reveal only some of the trip's cost. They include $34,633 for the use of the Challenger Jet and another $11,026 for the expenses of four staffers who joined the prime minister during the private family trip.

However, government officials have declined to provide CBC News with other costs linked to the trip last September, such as expenses incurred by the prime minister, two more aides and a defence attaché who took part in the three-day excursion.

But then the Cons would say "Hey !!!! You think turning a nerd into a jock is EASY?"

And the really frightening part is that these photo-ops seem to be working. For what else can explain this?

And the good news? Napoleon had to stumble all the way back from Moscow before he met his Waterloo.

And Harper will have to stumble a bit more before he meets his Mulcair.

But he will. We will wipe the smile off his face in the next election.

And in the meantime there's this.

Yeah...yeah...I know. That's what despair does. But the Cons ARE taking a beating. Victory will be sweet.

And if Bryan Adams plays How Do Ya Feel Tonight? or Lie To Me outside Harper's jail cell, I may yet forgive him...


Kev said...

Hi Simon, I must of hit him with that 2x4 a hundred times the other night and couldn't wipe that smirk of his face nor make him bleed. I guess robots truly don't bleed. lol

Anyway we gotta keep slugging, he WILL eventually go down for the count

Simon said...

hi Kev...I normally wouldn't approve of such a violent cartoon, because I want Harper in good shape for his Crimes against Canada trial. But if you think of that 2X4 as the Con government's record I say bash away and eventually we will defeat him... :)