Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Night Justin Trudeau Humiliated the Cons

OK. So I admit I was a bit worried about this one eh? In fact, to be perfectly honest I thought that Patrick Brazeau was going to KILL Justin Trudeau.

And so did the Ezra Levant... 

Because in the minutes leading up to the match he was in a frenzy, raving like a crazy man about how he had always hoped somebody would punch Trudeau in the face. And now it was LEGAL !!!!!

"Look at the tats !!! Look at the shoulders on the man !!! " the fleshy nerd screamed as Brazeau made his way to the ring with his entourage. Only to hurl insults at Trudeau  as he entered. "He's a shiny pony !!! He's in a trance, it's all that dance training, that ballet training. !!! He skips like my four-year-old daughter !!!! He wanted to use pink gloves but the Sun News network didn't let him !!!!"

It was so grotesque, and so clear he thought Justin was about to be executed, and he couldn't wait to see him carried out on a stretcher, and hopefully bite his ear. But sadly for Ezra, and happily for me, we wuz both wrong.

Because this was GREAT...

This was even BETTER.

Conservatives in the crowd rose in anticipation as Brazeau answered the bell in the first round, then sat in disbelief as their Big Blue Hope crumpled under the onslaught from the Liberal they love to hate.

The smell of all those Cons in that room, sweating like pigs, and discharging their bowels, must have been overwhelming.

And the look on the faces of the Fox News North boys when the fight was over was absolutely PRICELESS...

Ezra looked stunned, and Brian Lilley looked like he had been in the ring himself.

And so they should.  Because never have so many Cons been so HUMILIATED.  

As for the Blogging Tories, they were strangely silent. And the only post I could find was this one.

But who can blame them eh? If Brazeau had won they would have rubbed it into our faces for the next ten years.

And surely they must know that we intend to do exactly the same to them.

Hey Cons you were hoping that Justin would be killed. So doncha just LOVE this picture? 

Those who act like animals must be treated like animals themselves. And in the next election must be shown no mercy.

Golly. Did I mention the Cons were HUMILIATED?


Way to go Justin...


P.S. There must be a better way to raise money for cancer research. But they did raise more than $230,000, so congratulations to all the boxers who took part. 


Anonymous said...

Hi...I am more of a conservative myself and I have to say "good for you". I felt the conservatives were poor loosers that night! They took this fight too personally it seemed. I suppose both sides did! This was supposed to be for cancer after all.

So, even though I am a "con" keep up the good work on this one! Humility is a good lesson for us all to learn.

Anonymous said...

Another failure for Levant, just like his freedom weekend in Muskoka. Poor guy can't do anything right.

Anonymous said...

Let`s remember that this was just a boxing match. It has no bearing on their political prowess. Levant`s a blow-hard, and it was nice to see the underdog win, but don`t treat this as a Liberal victory outside of the ring.