Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Danielle Smith and the War on Canada

Uh oh. Somebody call a tow truck. I see Danielle Smith and her Wild Hog Party's triumphal ride desperate race to the finishing line, is temporarily bogged down in a redneck swamp of pig shit and bigotry.

With Big Oil's Bubbah Barbie hiding from the public and the media.

The Conservatives said Wildrose candidates are “missing in action” from Fort McMurray to Lethbridge and the NDP said Smith — in a bid to preserve her party’s lead in the polls — is dodging tough questions about her stance on climate change and candidates’ social views.

So she can get enough sleep, get some more coaching from her campaign manager Tom "Strangelove" Flanagan... 

And somehow find the strength to massage the fleshy hind quarters of yet another Wild Hog bigot.

Ms. Smith was asked about the comment early Tuesday.

“I’m not concerned about them. I think every candidate puts forward the best argument about why they should be the best candidate to represent the community,” she said.

Which is scary enough eh? Do those rednecks wear cowboy hats or hoods? And should gays, visible minorities, and women who might need an abortion leave the bigot province now or later?

But you know what's the scariest part? If you google their list of  good ol' boys. 

It's clear that they are the greatest collection of kooks, climate change deniers, Alberta firewallers, religious fanatics, and just plain crazies this country has ever seen.

They hate Canada and its values more than the Quebec separatists. And if they get elected they will wage war on us, torch every environmental regulation they can, weaken the CPP, and fatally undermine our medicare system.

And the good news? Stephen Harper is one of THEM:

“I, too, am one of these angry westerners ... We may love Canada but Canada does not love us ... Let's make (Alberta) strong enough that the rest of the country is afraid to threaten us.” Report Newsmagazine, December 2000.

And since the Cons' Alberta-first petro-dollar policies are destroying good manufacturing jobs in the other provinces, especially in battleground Ontario. And little Jimbo Flaherty is sounding like he works for the Alberta Chamber of Commerce.

I think we can stir up a storm of righteous regional alienation, plaster Harper's face all over it, force him to choose between the Alberta supremacists/separatists and Canada. And use the Bubbah Barbie to help destroy him.

Golly. How ironic eh?

Hey redneck. Put another ten bucks on Barbie and the pig.

I loathe everything they stand for. And I feel sorry for the good people in Alberta. 

But Con fighting Con is a sight I could enjoy.

And the fate of Canada is more important...

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