Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stephen Harper's Summit Humiliation

Holy Chiquita Banana. What an embarrassment.There he was, looking like Obama's Sancho Panza, or the Dirty Oil Man.

Making an idiot out of himself. Again. 

Canada and the United States are finding themselves at odds with Latin American countries on two thorny issues — the war on drugs and the exclusion of Cuba — at a summit of hemispheric leaders in Colombia.

Trying to keep Cuba out of the Summit of the Americas. When everybody knows that the cruel Yankee embargo has caused the wonderful Cuban people all kinds of misery. 

Even though they love Canadians, and millions of Canadians love them.

Defending the insane War on Drugs.

Violence related to the drug trade has pushed murder rates in Central America and the Caribbean to the highest in the world.

But Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office has said he won't entertain any policy changes that would lift the prohibition of illicit drugs, while U.S. President Barack Obama repeated at the summit on Saturday that the White House believes "legalization is not the answer."

When everybody knows it's a bloody failure.

Pimping for Canada's mining industry. 

In a speech to senior business executives, Harper said a strong mining sector — assisted with a low-tax regime and environmental regulation without excessive delays — can help the Canadian economy and provide a lesson to the countries of Latin America.

“Resource development has vast power to change the way a nation lives,” he said.

When everybody knows our bestial mining industry is the worst in the world.

Canadian mining companies are far and away the worst offenders in environmental, human rights and other abuses around the world, according to a global study commissioned by an industry association but never made public.

But that's Canada eh? The country that voted for Harper and his political thugs. So that they could shame us in the eyes of the world. How low have we fallen.

But isn't it great to see the countries of the Americas standing up to those yankee Con bastards and giving them a kick in the balls? The days of pushing them around are OVER.

And of course I'm with them eh? Down with the crazy War on Drugs.

Harper NO.

Cuba SI... 

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sassy said...

Harper should not be allowed out unsupervised. He simply cannot behave himself.