Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Cons and the Man Who Would Drown his Dog

Uh oh. I see Stephen Harper ran into a little moral turbulence today, courtesy of the Auditor General.

But he just shrugged it off, claiming he never said we would buy the fancy jets that don't work, and we don't need.  After spending years telling us they were essential.

Not purchasing the F-35 presented a “real danger” that the country would be unable to defend our airspace and our sovereignty. We would be left susceptible to terrorist bombings and a Russian invasion. This was about “lives” and “jobs.” It was “disappointing” and “sad” and “unbelievable” that anyone would even think of doing otherwise. This went beyond politics. To not purchase the F-35, would leave our air force with an “operational gap,” isolate ourselves from our international allies and fail to sufficiently support the troops. Buying the F-35 was the “only option.” This was a “crusade.”

And he won't fire Peter MacKay, or kill the program, like most Canadians want.

Or even answer this question:

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair said that if Harper knew the wrong figures were given to Canadians, it's "unconscionable" and if he didn't, it's "incompetence." Either way, Harper and his lead ministers on the file should be held accountable, he said.

No doubt believing that if he can fool a lot of Canadians with his last budget, he can get away with ANYTHING. Even if his budget only helps Alberta. 

It may as well be called the Gateway budget...Of course, CBC supporters will complain about budget cuts, civil servants in Ottawa will worry about layoffs after years of rapid growth in the public sector, and those who work in high-tech may gripe about reductions in scientific research tax credits. But for Alberta’s business leaders, there is much to celebrate.

Even if it will cause mass misery in other parts of  Canada , and would shove a pipeline down the throats, or up the asses of British Columbians, whether they like it or not.

And if he can't get his killer jets. Goddamit. He will kill Rights and Democracy.

After destroying it from within.

It’s reasonable to suspect that if nobody at the PMO had taken an interest in Rights and Democracy in 2008, it would have run much as before — that is, as a beacon of hope for oppressed millions around the world...

But the PMO did take an interest, and a Volkswagen was parked in front of R&D’s downtown Montreal office in late 2008, and an amazing succession of clowns started tumbling out of the Volkswagen, led by Perfesser Aurel Braun with his squirting lapel daisy, and pretty soon the place was in crisis, and it never came out.

And driving poor Rémy Beauregard to an early grave.

For daring to believe in a better Canada.

Yes indeed. Qui veut noyer son chien l'accuse de la rage. Who would drown his dog, would accuse it of being rabid.

Talk about moral turbulence eh?

Stephen Harper and his incompetent, evil Cons are the rabid ones.

First we must accuse them, and then we must defeat them...

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Anonymous said...

Actual it is you and your kind who will lose. The screws are being turned, ever so slowly. What will the poor Quebecers do? Your province and your "culture" is dying, and that is good thing.