Friday, April 27, 2012

Woody Woodworth and the Egg Man

Gawd. What a horrible way to begin my day.

All I could think of was Stephen "Woody" Woodworth polishing his big teeth, and preparing for his big day.

Even my egg started to look like him, and  I hardly dared boil it, in case it should hatch. For who knows when life begins eh?

But that's OK. Because when I checked on Woody this evening, he had egg all over his face. 

Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth's motion proposing that a parliamentary committee study the legal definition of when life begins got zero support from MPs who debated it Thursday.

And to make matters even worse better, he was being whipped with a wet egg noodle by the gorilla from the military industrial complex Gordon O'Connor !!!!!

O'Connor said abortion is a serious decision for women to make and he wants all women to continue to live in a society where they can make that decision "without the threat of legal consequences."

Although it must be said that old Gordo was clearly reading a speech written for him by the sinister thugs in the PMO. Because in all my years of watching Stephen Harper I've never seen him look so pale. Or sound so ridiculous.

The prime minister said party leaders do not have control over the motions introduced by MPs and that it's "unfortunate" an all-party committee decided the motion is eligible for a vote.

He's obviously still devastated by what happened to his beloved Wild Hog Party in Alberta. He offered his rabid base a bone, Woody bit him with his big teeth. So now he running scared, and wants to be known as a woman's best friend.


Oh well. The struggle continues.

But the important thing is that today we WON. A lot of angry women, and their male allies, made sure the politicians heard their message. Women's bodies are women's bodies. And the days of shame and coat hangers are OVER.

So hooray for US !!!!!!!

As for old Woody, I can only imagine how he is feeling eh? Gordon, Gordon, et tu Brutus? Vic, Jason, hug me. WAAAAAAAAAH !!!!!

Lordy. I'd play "I am the Egg Man" if I thought it would cheer the old geezer up.

But since he believes that life begins at conception. Or somewhere between the  cock-a-doodle doo and the egg.

I'm sure he'd prefer this one....


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