Friday, January 23, 2009

Me and the Pope's YouTube Channel

Well I suppose it was inevitable. If Stephen Harper, Vladimir Putin, and the fat lady who fell off the exercise bicycle can have a YouTube can Pope Benny.

And I for one am delighted. Now I can monitor his periodic outbursts of self loathing homophobia without having to watch the news. Or call some old queen at the Vatican.

Although I must say I'm VERY impressed by his decision to join Google....and support their inspiring campaign for gay marriage.

Who knew eh? Good for him. I guess it's NEVER too late to change your mind....or come out of the closet.

But you know after checking out El Popo's site I'm afraid it needs a little work.

Because sadly he'll never attract any young viewers with that kind of boring shite.

So how about spicing it up a bit....with say a video of Madonna singing Like a Virgin .....dressed in nun's drag? Or the miraculous...and delicious...story of Jesus in a burrito?

Or maybe a scary clip of Benny playing the Grand Inquisitor he once was.

You know.. covering up those nasty scandals and sinners.

The horrible kids of today just LOVE that gory stuff.

Or even about humanizing the Pope a bit?

So the young ones he says he wants to reach can relate to him....and know EXACTLY where he's coming from.

By taking us back to the halcyon days of his own youth...

Yup. That would work. The uniform is different. But the message is more or less the same. Tomorrow belongs to us...unless you're a feminist, or an atheist, or gay.

Hmmmm....the best thing about this channel? It has COMMENTS.

Hi Benny it's Simon. I know you haven't heard from me before. And I sure hope you don't have a jealous boyfriend.

Because three Ave Marias for YouTube. From now on you ridiculous old homophobe.

You're going to hear from me a LOT....


And you thought I was kidding.

Old habits die hard....


Oemissions said...

Will be interesting to see the ratings after a few weeks. How many favorites?
Will they be posting videos of their child molestors?

Simon said...

Hi Oemissions...yes it will be won't it? Expecially since I actually screened some of the videos on that site and I had to remember to keep breathing they were so BORING.Do you think I could write that bitter old man a note and ask him if he could at least play some old episodes of the Flying Nun.... if I promise to eat fish on Fridays? Please Popey please.... :)

Anonymous said...

El Popo...ROFL! In German, "Popo" means "bum"--as in "derriere", "rear end" and "Teh Buttox". A more appropriate nickname for Ratzi von der Hitlerjugend is hard to imagine, since that's where he keeps his head much of the time.