Monday, January 12, 2009

The Big Blue Blob on Polygamy and Gay Marriage

Jesus in a tortilla. It looks as if JJ has caught the Big Blue Blob with her hands in the fetus jar.Talking in tongues about polygamy and gay marriage.

Back during the marriage debate, we kept saying that this is exactly that would happen. Our arguments were ridiculed as "slippery slope alarmism". Now, when everything we were warning about is actually happening, are there many "tolerant" "open-minded" "progressives" out there ready to admit that they were wrong? Or are they already preparing to give in, picturing themselves in the front lines of a battle to "legalize" some other kind of "something-something-marriage"?

You know like marrying your dog.

Now look I just want to say that although I find polygamy demeaning to women, whatever consenting adults do together is fine by long as they keep kids out of it.

But Blobby and her creepy friend Lenny shouldn't get high on those formaldehyde fumes and blame gay marriage, when what usually leads to polygamy is RELIGION.

So if they want to fight polygamy shouldn't they be trying to eliminate religion instead of gay marriage? Just wondering.

Besides if the Big Blue Blob wants to insult us, by blaming gay marriage for EVERYTHING.

Couldn't she be a little more original eh?

See Blobby? What's polygamy compared to a nuclear explosion?

Now go give your pickled fetus a hug.

And don't be so ignorant...


  1. LOL, Simon. Can these people be any stupider?

    You're right, pretty much the only ones engaging in polygamy are religious extremist cults who use it as a pretext to abuse the women involved. Given that it's an almost exclusively heterosexual arrangement, polygamy is more closely related to straight marriage than gay marriage.

    So maybe it's time to ban straight marriage? D'oh! Maybe it's time for people to mind their own business.

  2. Hi JJ... You wouldn't think they could be any stupider...but they probably can. Talk about a knee jerk reflex...mention monogamy and all they can bleat is gay marriage...BAAAAA..
    And of course I'm personally offended as well. Because I'm so monogamous I wouldn't be surprised if they asked me to chaperone the virgins at the Gay Ball. Now THAT would be humiliating... :)
    But yeah...maybe it's time those religious fanatics and fetus fetishists kept their noses out of other people's beds...