Friday, January 30, 2009

The Christianists and Pepsi's Gay Ad

In yet another alarming sign that The Abyss cannot be far off, the crazy Christianists in the U.S. have been on a feeding frenzy lately...boycotting food companies that support gay rights.

First it was Campbell's Soup, then it was McDonald's. And now it's Pepsi.

The good news is that Pepsi isn't backing down.

And has just released an ad in Britain.

Which is making the crazy Christianists even crazier....

Hmmm....whatever....I mean excellent ORIGINAL !!!!

I wonder how many Pepsis I can drink a day without having my teeth fall out ? Or how many hamburgers I can eat .... before S├ębastien would have to push me around in a wheel barrow?

Oh other good gay news...the two penguin daddies in China just got married.

Oh boy...or should I say oh birdy?That'll drive the homophobes wild.

But then that's the BEST thing about being gay, and living in a world as bigoted as this one.

You get to shove empty Pepsi bottles up the bigot asses of the crazy Christianists. Or slap them in the face with a stinky sardine.

And every SMALL victory counts....

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