Friday, January 23, 2009

Why The Coalition Must Bring Down Harper

Is it my imagination or is Stephen Harper looking a little desperate these days? Like a pale little Con piggy on his way to the slaughterhouse of history. Oinking for his life.

But who can blame him eh?

First he torched our rainy day funds trying to buy himself a majority.Then he said the economy was sound and that he'd NEVER run a deficit. Then he predicted a healthy surplus. Then he recommended that Canadians buy stock...just before the markets tanked.

Then he tabled an economic update that was nothing more than a vicious attack on women, public service workers, and the other political parties. Then when confronted with the Coalition challenge he ran like a coward to the Governor General and whipped up hatred against Quebec to try to save his sorry ass.

Now five days before a budget Great Incompetent Leader is playing political games again.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper of playing political games on Friday, calling the leaking of information from next week's federal budget a deliberate attempt "to get the bad news out of the way."

"I asked Mr. Harper not to play games like that. I told him, 'Put the facts and figures on the table. Don’t let them slip out at his convenience.' But the guy just can't help himself. He thinks it is all some kind of political game."

Which leads me to the obvious question: Why would ANYONE trust Stephen Harper again?

When everyone knows that he will just use a big deficit as an excuse to destroy the power of government...
which is all this last of the Bush Cons ever wanted to do.

I know some Liberals believe that now is not the time to bring down the government. That they should make Harper wear the recession, and diminish him even more before making their move.

But I think that would be a fatal mistake. It would destroy Ignatieff's support in Quebec, demoralize and split the centre-left, leave Iggy looking like a Con stooge, and leave the country in the icy grip of a bully ideologue who could say something like this during a time of recession:

"We are not interested in making it lucrative to pay people not to work, it's not what this government is about, that's not what the taxpayers expect us to spend money on...not making Employment insurance more generous"

Stephen Harper is the most evil and dangerous leader in Canadian history. To believe that he can be trusted or that he can really change would be the greatest act of idiocy or insanity this country has ever seen.

The Coalition is the best and most Canadian of instruments ever designed to rid us of this alien Bush Con government, and provide the kind of stability we need to fight the economic crisis.The best way to bury the separatist threat in Quebec by showing Quebecers that Canada works, when we all work TOGETHER.

The best way to show the world that we are Canadians not COWARDS, and we are determined to get our country back.

And the absolute best thing is that we don't need an election to do it. All we need to do is tell the Governor General that Harper has lost the confidence of the House. Period.

No matter what Harper and his foul Cons say or do next week.... defeat them.

Crush them.

Finish them off....


  1. All working together to make Canada work. It's quite true about Quebec, as it will show that we respect their political choices and we can all work together.
    Neither Harper nor Iggy should play political games.
    Layton also made similar marks to Iggy's. Time for stable government.

  2. I am a bit of a fan of the Bloc, not because they are separatists but because they have many progressively minded people.
    I think the Liberals,wanting to avoid an election, because it might strengthen the Conservative seats,because they fear Canadians will be myffed about another election, and because the Cons have more election money, will be very very cautious, and they are very very uncertain if the GG would allow the Coalition to govern.The GG is a big part of the problem.What a gamble.?
    Anybody running bets on this?

  3. Hi Jan...the Colaition makes all the sense in the world. It's the consensual Canadian way of dealing with a crisis as scary as the one we are in. We need stability, the Cons can't guarantee it, while a the coalition could.
    As for Quebec... I'm still absolutely shocked at how Stephen Harper has tried to play English Canada against the province. As I've said before if Quebec ever finds itself isolated and living in a far right-wing Canada all bets are off. And ANYTHING could happen...

  4. Hi Oemissions...I feel like you about the Bloc. They are no threat to Canadian unity because it's a matter for the National Assembly not them. And they and their leader Duceppe have consistently defended Canadian values against the Harper hordes.
    As for the gamble...I know I'm a bit of a hothead...but I'd go for it... :)