Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Day Chimp Bush Got Humped


I can't make up my mind which George Bush blow-up doll I like best.

The one that got pelted with shoes in Washington yesterday.

Or the one that got HUMPED...

Ooooh. I think I like that one.

Imagine what we're going to do to this statue.

When it comes down next week...

Everyone is invited to the coalition gang bang.

As long as I get to go FIRST.

Humpity... humpity ....humpity.

Who knew that bringing down the Cons could be


  1. I can't say I want to put my penis inside George W. Bush, but I did get Eiffel Towered in front of a couple of protesting Christianazis. That was fun.

  2. Hi Woozie...I didn't say I'd take my pants off...I don't want to get rust burned. As for getting Eiffel Towered....ouch...that sounds painful... :)