Friday, January 09, 2009

The Guantanamo Guard and Omar Khadr

Watch this video of a former guard at Guantanamo describe how some of his fellow guards treated prisoners.

Then ask yourself why Canada is the only country that hasn't demanded that its nationals be removed from that hellhole.

Even though our prisoner was a child soldier.

What kind of a country would allow a Canadian kid to be tortured and held for six years in a place like Guantanamo?

It's a hard question isn't it?

I guess the truth hurts....


  1. Anonymous11:48 PM

    We're a country held hostage by cowardly, toadying politicians.

    I am nauseated.

  2. Anonymous4:05 PM

    It's not hard. I've set out the evidence and the reason here:

    Marnie Tunay Fakirs Canada

  3. The same country that defends another country while that country has dead children all over the place ,lying in rubble, some of them beside their dead mothers.
    The same country that wants to put teenagers in adult prisons.
    The same country that can't seem to afford childcare,community clinics,transition houses but can afford better military vehicles and increased expense accounts for government officials.

  4. Hi Bina...yes and no. Our politicians are definitely wimps, but too many Canadians have ignored Khadr's plight because they don't know the facts, or they hate his family.
    Which is of course irrelevant...

  5. Hi's good to see how much work you have done to try to get Khadr home. I'm not sure I agree that the reason the Cons haven't repatriated him is because they are afraid he could sue them or the government. I think it's because they are such right-wing ideologues and didn't want to annoy George Bush. But regardless the main thing is to keep up the pressure to try to get that Canadian out of that awful place....

  6. Hi ml johnstone...I'm afraid you're right.Once we were proud of our Canadian values now too many seem ashamed of them and we're becoming a meaner nastier country.
    I'm hoping of course that this is only a temporary situation and that we will take back our country one day.
    But the case of Omar Khadr will be a dark stain on our record for a long long time....