Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gaza: Why it Didn't Begin With the Rockets

As Israel continues its brutal assault on Gaza, even though more than 1,000 Palestinians are dead, including more than 300 children and teenagers. And 4,500 have been wounded, and even the dead are getting hammered.

Israel showed no signs of slowing its bruising offensive, striking some 60 targets. One air strike hit an overcrowded cemetery, spreading human remains over a wide area. The army said the air strike targeted a weapons cache hidden near the graveyard.

And clinics are targets.

The clinic was completely destroyed in the attack, along with valuable medical equipment, including ultrasound machines, laboratory apparatus, and computers, which are not freely available in Gaza.

As the situation in the hospitals grows even more desperate and heartbreaking.

Amira Hass reminds us that the horror in Gaza didn't begin with the rockets.

Ever since the Palestinian Authority was established, the Israeli public relations machinery has exaggerated the danger of the military threat that the Palestinians pose to us. When they moved from stones to rifles and from Molotov cocktails to suicide bombings, from roadside bombs to Qassams and from Qassams to Grads, and from the PLO to Hamas, we said with a whoop of victory, "We told you. They're anti-Semites." And therefore, we have the right to go on a rampage.

What enabled Israel's military rampage - the proper words to describe it cannot be found in my dictionary - was the step-by-step isolation of the Gaza Strip. The isolation turned Gaza's residents into abstract objects, with no names and addresses, except the addresses of the armed men, and no history, aside from the dates determined by the Shin Bet security service.

Meanwhile somewhere in that battered little enclave, The Independent's reporter in Gaza struggles to survive. Ten days ago the Israelis blew his elderly father to bits just because his little farmhouse was in the way. Yesterday his home was badly damaged. Today his wife is scheduled to give birth to their first child.

Happy birthday poor little Palestinian baby. Long live life.

Down with the bastard war criminals.

Enough is enough...

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unokhan said...

once israel is understood in terms of being the last 19th century european experiment in colonialism, a lot of pieces of the puzzle fall into place. for people in the united states, the gaza massacres appear to be part of an ongoing religious conflict. for the palestinians, it's an ongoing struggle against racism and a struggle for the right to return to their own lands. for zionists it's about exterminating the "cockroaches"