Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Christianists and the Condoms

Gawd. I see the rabid rubber bubbahs at LifeShite are alarmingly aroused by all those condoms in Obama's stimulus package.

Although I for one can't understand what the fuss is all about. Isn't a stimulus package supposed to

And if the package doesn't work, and millions of Americans have to live in cardboard boxes, can't they at least have a little cheap FUN ? You know.... without producing even more babies they can't afford to feed.....or getting AIDS and stuff like that.

*Sigh* But that's the story of my relationship with the inhuman freakazoids from LifeShite. They annoy me.

And I annoy them back....

And since their rubber fetish annoys me as much as their homophobia .....because in Africa and other poor places stricken by AIDS it leads to GENOCIDE.

And since that squeaky little ad probably wasn't long enough to seriously bother those Christianist woofers.

I thought that today I'd whip out my artillery.

And send them this Ode to the Condom.....all the way from Bollywood.

Wow. Wasn't that awesome?

Who knew you could dance to a condom ad?

If that one doesn't bag those rubber bubbahs. Or drive them SANE.

Nothing ever will...


Niles said...

I thought your mere Out and About existence was enough to drive the godbotherers maaaaaad!

Although from what I've been reading lately, you'd likely stimulate them in a yobabyblowmymind way. What *is* it about those that have managed to internalize 'craving sex with your x-kind is not the same as being bi-sexual/gay'?.

Simon said...

Hi Niles....heh heh heh... mais oui. My Gay Gorgeousness flattens them like wheat in the wind.
But in their case I don't mind kicking them when they are down. :)
Although this time I have to admit they were just a good excuse to run that excellent video. I thought it was really cute...

Dr.Dawg said...

My co-blogger alerted me to this one. Enjoy!

Simon said...

Hi Dr Dawg...thanks for that EXCELLENT video. It's exactly what I meant by bag them. I'll be saving that one in my favourites. I do believe it can be used against everyone from the rubberonies to the Blogging Tories... ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't know which one was funnier, those frisky condom-critters, or the (relatively) chaste Bollywood PSA with the great advice ("use it with a smile").


They kicked up a shitstorm over nothing, in other words. Fucking idiot rightards.