Sunday, January 11, 2009

When a Prince Becomes a Lout

I'm ashamed to admit that I've always had a soft spot for Prince Harry.

He always seemed a bit more human than some of the other twits in the Royal family.

And some of the wild and crazy things he has done remind me of some of the stoopid things I did when I was his age. Ahem.

But not anymore. Because it's one thing to snort vodka or drink beer out of a bong.

And it's quite another to be a racist and homophobic lout.

You can read more about it and watch the video here.

You know when he turned up wearing a Nazi uniform at a party I thought it was just a lapse in judgement. But now I wonder.

So now that my passion has cooled,I only have one question.

When will Canada grow up like I did and get rid of this ridiculous monarchy?

And if not now WHEN?


  1. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Simon, the ONLY thing holding me back from eventually taking the oath of citizenship in Canada is having to swear fealty and allegiance to that inbred family of schmucks. It's seriously something that I struggle with.

  2. Whooee! I can sure sympathize with Doc Prole. I know one feller who stayed a landed immigrant fer 33 years. He finally decided he'd rather swear the oath to the queen than to keep on carryin' a Yankee passport.

    Natural born Canajuns don't often realize the oath that immigrants must take to get Canajun citizenship. If every Canajun had to take that oath, there's be a change, I betcha.

    Bluebloods got no place in the 21st century. They was an anachronism by the turn of the 20th century. Stoopidass, racist, homophobic princes went outta style years ago.

    Peaking of stoopidass racists, Willian Zantzinger died on Jan 3.


  3. I really have a hard time caring about a 24 year old soldier's off color remarks, whether he be royalty or not.

  4. His comments were not that bad...

    The nazi costume was probably worse. But who cares. Let him live his life already.

  5. Hi Simon!

    As you already know, I agree with you 100% on this.

    The sooner the better. Plus, this would be great, we could put faces of important Canada Prime Ministers, like Jean Chr├ętien!

    Just kidding, folks...

  6. Hi Dr Prole....yes I can understand your hesitation...when I had to take my oath...and coming from Scotland...made me practically vomit.But that was nothing compared to the day when the old racist Philip visited my school and I had to standup and say "three cheers for His Royal Highness ...hip hip hurrah..." Now THAT was bad.... :)

  7. Hi JimBobby...yeah I think you're right. I bet most Canadians don't realize that if you're an immigrant you have to swear that ridiculous medieval oath. Hmmmm....does that make us more loyal Canajuns than the others, or does that mean that if we call for the overthrow of the Monarchy we can be hauled off to the Tower and beheaded? :)
    And thanks for the good news about Zantziger. Now that's a REAL bastard...

  8. Hi Woozie...but but but he's a Prince !!!! They're not supposed to act like that. And besides you're an American and you broke with the monarchy long ago. But we're still in bondage to these twits. On the other hand it is true that on the racism scale of one to ten this one is probably a two... :)

  9. Hi Britain at least calling someone a Paki is not nice so I think someone like Harry should know better.
    On the other hand he's never going to be King, he is young and wild, his mother died tragically, and every little mistake he makes gets plastered all over the tabloids.
    So yes I'm not going to judge him too harshly. But I still hate the wretched monarchy... :)

  10. Hi Enkidus's Palace....yes...the one place the Royals don't usually visit is Quebec...ahem...I wonder why? :)
    I just think we can do better. If we must have a King or a Queen why can't we have a Canadian one eh?
    One who can skate, knows how to wear a fashionable tuque, and bicycles to work like the Dutch Queen does. Now THAT would be entertaining.... ;)