Monday, January 26, 2009

Harper and the Hill the Cons will Die On

As I watched the teeny weeny Throne Speech today I couldn't help but be struck by how beaten Stephen Harper looked.The Governor General may have been sitting in the big chair. But Harper looked like he was sitting on another kind of throne.... shitting himself.

And who can blame him? Once not so long ago he was telling us the fundamentals were sound. Now they're collapsing. Once Great Economist ,Strong ,Clueless Leader told us the outlook was bright. Now it's sepulchral.

The Conservative government set a grim tone for the resumption of Parliament on Monday with a throne speech that used the word "crisis" four times in the first six paragraphs.

There were references to unprecedented uncertainty, worldwide recession, world wars and an allusion to the Great Depression of the 1930s.

But what must cause him even more pain than looking like a third rate fortune teller ....or an ignorant jackass...or looking as if he's straining to expel a turd the size of Jimbo Flaherty..... is having to look like a LIBERAL. Because he's so desperate to keep his job he'll do or say ANYTHING.

But of course there's only so far a fanatical ideologue like Stephen Harper can go, and this is the hill he will die on.

"We are not interested in making it lucrative to pay people not to work, it's not what this government is about, that's not what the taxpayers expect us to spend money on...not making Employment insurance more generous"

Stephen Harper December 19, 2008

With so many Canadians afraid of losing their jobs, and the present EI system so inadequate.

Cuts in the early 1990s mean barely half of the country's unemployed today – and fewer than a quarter in Toronto – are eligible for benefits. Those lucky enough to qualify often get far less than poverty-level incomes. And for almost everyone scrambling to find work as the economy crumbles, benefits run out too soon.

If Stephen Harper doesn't do enough to improve this wretched system that condemns so many Canadians to lives of degrading poverty, the Coalition for Change will have a perfect excuse to defeat the budget and take power. Why go to the wall over tax cuts, as bad as they are, when we can use the power of fear itself ? The fear so many Canadians have that they could be next.

Because Harper can't describe what we're facing as an economic apocalypse, and then do nothing to help its victims. Can he? Unless he's a crazy neocon who would put his jungle ideology before the lives of suffering Canadians. But he's a Liberal isn't he? Muahahahaha.

Wow isn't the Coalition awesome? First it turned Great Crazy Leader into a pathetic, grovelling, pretend Liberal. Now it can bring him down for not being a good enough one. Talk about poetic justice.

Golly. If I wasn't such a hopeless pessimist I might believe we've got the foul Cons exactly where we want them.

Defeat them. Crush them. Finish them off....


  1. I almost think Harper looks so uncomfortable for once because he is having to give concessions - small ones I suspect - and he is not one to share or give. My feelings Canadians will give him the benefit of the doubt and Iggy will fold. I think Harper is betting on it but for once he is not sure what will happen. It is out of his hands.

  2. Right Simon - defeat him.

  3. Anonymous1:17 AM

    Tomorrow is sure gonna be interesting. In a Chinese-curse sort of way, for Harpo. Maybe for Iggy, too.

  4. Nifty artwork!
    He did looklike he was "shitting himself"!

  5. Anonymous5:53 AM

    He did looklike he was "shitting himself"!

    Not only did he look like he was having a hard time passing a bad turd but he had his pant legs one third of the way up to his knees!
    Some people used to do that to save the crease in the trousers, but this guy is as classless as they come!

    By the way, doesn't he look like he has Karla Homolka's tombstone eyes?

    Just stick an apple in his mouth and serve him up, 'cause he's done like dinner!

  6. Hi Jymn...if you ever lose your job you should get another one as a fortune teller or horoscope writer because you're GOOD. :)
    Unfortunately. Now excuse me while I kill myself...

  7. Hi know you would think by now that most Canadians would know that they can't trust Harper...and that he's the worst kind of person to lead the country into a brutal recession.
    But alas so many are blind...

  8. Hi Bina...I'm writing this a day after the Chinese curse became true.You don't know of any curse from ANYWHERE we could use to counteract it do you? :)

  9. Hi Oemissions...oh thanks...although I have to admit that I stole the original picture from my buddy Red Tory.But I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks that he looks like he's taking a shit.
    But then that's not a surprise eh?
    I consider Harpo's entire reign a massive dump on Canada...and all the beautiful things we used to believe in.
    I think it's time to pull the lever and flush him where he belongs... :)

  10. Hi Torontonian...ooh I LOVE the tombstone eyes. I hope you don't mind if I rip it off. I depend on the charity of others.
    And as for the apple in the piggy's's my most DELICIOUS dream... :)