Monday, February 25, 2008

Canadian Politicians Finally Notice Omar Khadr

Six years after he was captured in Afghanistan and locked up in Guantanamo, a bunch of Canadian politicians are finally demanding the return of our child soldier Omar Khadr.

And admitting that his country failed him.

"We did not play our proper role in protecting Mr. Khadr's rights. We are not going to remain silent any longer," said Comartin. "We have not done our job up to this point. We are going to do it in the future."

All I can say is Ah-fucking-men. It's about time Canada started acting like a real country again.

I've written many posts about the Guantanamo Kid.

How I consider the way both Liberals and Conservatives looked the other way as not to annoy the Bush administration.... one of the most shameful episodes in modern Canadian history.

Because it doesn't matter what you think of Khadr or his crazy family.... he was a victim of fanatics and a child soldier and that's THAT. And he never should have been locked up in a hellhole like Guantanamo.

But so many Canadians don't seem to get it. Understand that what's supposed to make us better than our enemies is that WE do the right and decent thing.

I'm not surprised the rabid Muslim hating Cons would put up a mushroom cloud of fecal gas to obscure the basic facts of the case.

But how do you explain this?


Gimme a break.

When will a Canadian government demand Khadr's return?

How low can this shrivelled country stoop?

You ain't seen nothing yet...

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Anonymous said...

Canada has never really been any better than any other country in the world.

Perhaps things are all multicultural and big urban centers like Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, but up in the boonies, in all the small towns, [the majority of canada] it is extremely conservative where racism and sexism is a rampant disease.

Prior to world war II, Canada sent back refugee boats with Jewish people, just like every other country. We ignored the problem, until it was too late.

I wish this country would ****ing learn!