Sunday, February 10, 2008

Who Says Music Can't Save Canada?

Oh no. Winter of the soul. It's snowing again. But now it's brutally cold.

In the grubby halls of Parliament the nasty evil nerd Stephen Harper is trying to trick the nice but useless nerd Stephane Dion into triggering an election.

And we all know what happens to nice nerds. They usually walk backwards into traps...with their eyes wide open...still yapping away. The cheese is ours to win...blah blah blah. SNAP.

Which means Canada could soon be even more of an ugly and boring Con place.

And as if all that wasn't sickening comes the final depressing blow.

Neil Young says music CAN'T change the world.

"I think that the time when music could change the world is past... I think it would be very naive to think that in this day and age......It's time for science and physics and spirituality to make a difference in this world and to try to save the planet."

Oh great. NOW he tells me.

And to make matters worse this guy agrees. Sort of.

My beef is that music alone, never could change the world.....The best music could ever do in the "world-changing" arena, was and is to be an anthemic backdrop for protests, then and now. And maybe to raise a little cash for charity or lobbying...


Didn't the hippies at least change the world a bit?

Or did the world change the hippies? A lot.

“In their youth, my generation was ready to change the world, but when the baton was passed to them in the ‘70s, they fell into a mass depression because all revolutionaries are quick to demolish and slow to fix. When handed the baton to fix it, they didn’t know what to do so they kind of degenerated into the greediest generation in the history of America.

Oh no. Ever since I saw the Woodstock video I've been counting on the boomers to save us. If they abandon us now we're FUCKED.

We'll be forced to live in a fuddy duddy Canada run by third-rate Cons. Who will give us the reputation around the world of a right-wing Banana Republic. Lock more young people up. Persecute the poor. Strip rights away from women and gays.Torch the environment. And try to turn us all into Amerikans.

So I refuse to believe what Joni and Neil have to say. Firstly, because I know a few old hippies who are still fighting the good fight.

And secondly because I think I know what Neil meant to say. Music CAN'T change the world.

But sometimes a song like this one..... in a time like this one....

Sure makes you want to TRY.

Form up everyone....young and old. Canada will NOT be Amerika.

Whether we like it or not. It looks like it's almost time to kick neocon ass.

Like we never have before...

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