Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obama the Messiah and Hillary the Witch

I see this story about Obama Bin Barack is causing quite a fuss.

The photograph published on Monday shows Mr Obama - whose father came from Kenya - wearing a white turban and a white robe presented to him by elders in the north-east of the country.

The Drudge Report said the image had been circulated by "Clinton staffers".

Although I don't understand why the Obama camp is so angry.

Isn't it a GOOD thing to have a President who can declare a Jihad on Amerika's enemies?

Isn't that better than pushing the button? Or cheaper than a long losing war in Iraq?

No. I'm more concerned about Billary mocking Obammy as the Messiah Man.

Coz now it's EVERYWHERE...

Which as an atheist I find APPALLING.

So I just want to remind Hillary.... or as some are calling her....The Raging Nun.... that Obama has brought new excitement to the Presidential campaign.

He doesn't just MOVE people.

He really turns them on.


And while I'm at it.....I should also remind Obama that it's probably time to turn this little scene from one of my favourite movies.

Into an attack ad...

Aaaaaaargh...my beautiful wickedness.... I'm melting!!!!!

Politics in Amerika.

First they raise your hopes.

Then they dash them....

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