Monday, February 04, 2008

Obama, Canada, and the Message of Hope

So nearly one in six Canadians would give up their ballot in Canada to go vote in the United States.

And the pollsters are trying to put a positive spin on it. By saying it just shows how important Canadians think the U.S. is.

"What they're saying is that in the whole scheme of things, the race will have impact on the world and Canada....The U.S. is a big global superpower and it carries a lot of weight."

Give me a fucking BREAK. What bullshit. What capacity for self delusion.Talk about looking for a pony under a mountain of manure.

The real reason Canadians would give up their vote in this country is because they don't see any Canadian politicians worth voting for. Because our pols are a bunch of mediocre hackadoos..... every last one of them.

And none of them can inspire a young person to vote for this guy can

"We want an end to this war and we want diplomacy and peace. Not only can we save the environment, we can create jobs and opportunity. We're tired of fear; we're tired of division. We want something new. We want to turn the page. The world as it is is not the world as it has to be."

Now that's a political message I can believe in....that's the kind of message I want to hear. Because that message is UNIVERSAL.

We CAN stop the war. We CAN save the planet. We want CHANGE and we won't take no for an answer.

Contrast that with the bland hackery in this country....where politicians reel off cheap promises like they were reading a laundry list. Or trying to sell you a used car.

But a simple message of hope worked for Ronald Reagan... just like it's working for Obama.

So after two years of Stephen Harper's dark, miserable, shameful government you'd think the opposition could come up with something similar. To give us hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

But no. Never mind the simple message. Our political hacks can't even come up with a simple vision. Because when it comes to that Canada has been running on fumes for a long long time.

You know a country that can't inspire its young to hope for something better...something they can believe in and get excited about... is a country doomed to mediocrity.

Or worse.

History is on the move. But we're not going ANYWHERE.

We're so smug, so rich, so old, and so hollowed out we're HAPPY with what we've got.

We're so parochial and parasitized we don't even realize that Canada is now just a miserable right-wing country STINKING out the world.

Oh where oh where is our message of hope?

Oh where is our Obama?


Anonymous said...

Well said friend!

Obama gave me chills last night during his speech. Its the first time I find myself moved that much by a politician.

I for one would gie away my Canadian vote to help out Obama. All the politicians here are so soft, so scared of being different, so scared to tell the truth...

Yes, let's hope for Obama. The States have had a very negative influence in the last few years but I'm confident that the exact opposite can happen. From here in North America can start the real change to save the planet!!!! And if the states go green Canada will go green, you know how sheeps are.

Anonymous said...

Please, please GET RID of:
- The Clintons
- Stephen Harper
- Mario Dumont
- George Bush
- Cold and Flu
- Pollution
- Bad breath
- Ugly politicians
- Liars

Yes we can!

Simon said...

Hi anonymous!! Yes I must admit I am moved by his soaring oratory. Some say it's just words...but I hear hope. And after what we've ben through we need it. And yes wouldn't it be great if the United States could become a mighty force for good again?
Sometimes I despair but mostly I'm hopeful...

Simon said...

Hi Jean!!! What an excellent list.
Of course you know I'd have to put Stephen Harper first ;)
But yeah isn't it about time we cleaned house? And isn't hope WONDERFUL?