Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kosovo and the Shame of Srebrenica

I'm happy to see this new country has finally been born.

So I can't really understand why Canada is taking so long to recognize it.

Or why the Serbs are complaining so much.

Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica responded to the news of the declaration by calling the breakaway province a "false state."

Serbian nationalists have repeated many times that they will never recognize Kosovo's independence.

Because after what they did to more than 7,000 men and boys at a place called Srebrenica.

They don't have the moral right to complain about anything to do with Kosovo as far as I'm concerned..

And since they continue to shelter the war criminal Ratko Mladic

They should just have the decency to shut up.

But of course Srebrenica wasn't just Serbia's shame. It was the U.N's shame as well. And Holland's blackest hour.

If you've forgotten how the Dutch pulled out of what was supposed to be a safe enclave....and abandoned the Muslim men and boys to Ratko and his Scorpion death squads.

Here's a short video... that includes nauseating scenes where the triumphant Ratko chums it up with the Dutch commander in Srebrenica.

While his troops prepare for mass murder, and the Dutch boys dance....

That's why Kosovo is a country.

Because it's built upon the bones of genocide... and the shame of a world that didn't do enough to stop it.

And if the Serbs don't understand that .... and that they have only their war criminals to blame. Or themselves.

One day they will...


For an awesome account of the moral failure of Srebrenica, you should read Mark Danner's Great Betrayal.

BTW.....did I mention that the failure to commit enough troops to do the job in Srebrenica and Rwanda reminds me that we're making the same mistake in Afghanistan? And that drives me crazy....coz how many mistakes are we supposed to make before we FINALLY learn?

I didn't ?

Never mind...

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