Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Huckleberry and the Talking Doggy Bowl

You know things are getting desperate in the Great White North when you need an icebreaker to get to your island refuge.

But you're glad you do live on a frozen island ..... because in the city the legions of thieves that roam its mean streets have run out of cars and bicycles to steal.

And are now kidnapping dogs.

"This is a member of my family. I've never been in this house alone without him. He and I – it's our house. My life revolves around him. You know the adage: `A dog is man's best friend.' Well, he is my best friend."

OMFG. What are these filthy Cons DOING to our country? If Huckleberry can be kidnapped nobody's safe.

So much for their fucking crime bill.

And then there's the devastating effect on our industrial base. Or what's left of it.

Can you imagine what that dognapping story could do to sales of this great Canadian invention?

I don't even want to think about it

And neither does my dog.

I think he'd probably take refuge behind the couch. And I don't blame him.

I mean would YOU eat off a talking plate?

Arghhhh..... cabin fever in Canada.

You have to live here to appreciate it...


P.S. Ooops.... I hope that didn't sound TOO negative. I want everyone to know that I still think living here is better than being totally gay for Amerika...


Dognapping suspects arrested.

Whew....back to the igloos everyone.

We can hibernate safely tonight...

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