Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Canadian F-Word Awards and Me

Just a reminder that today is the last day to vote in the first round of the Canadian F-Word Blog Awards.

And I want you all to vote for JJ .... the Unrepentant Old Hippie

Because she's an awesome one-woman Feminist Army....who supports the gay cause.

And for Bruce at Canucktude. Because he's a super gay brother who supports the feminist one.

And because they have always supported me.

Believe it or not...... I was also nominated in the Support Bro category for this post.

Which although I borrowed the idea from the great Beep Beep it's Me, I was pretty proud of because it explains how the foundations of the patriarchy are firmly anchored in a swamp of ignorance and superstition.

And I really liked the idea of being a Support Bro. But unfortunately for some reason the nominated post didn't make it onto the voting list. So more people might have read it. Instead of just my six regular readers.

Talk about raising my hopes...and then dashing them.

What a cruel blow.

And so soon after the other.

Jane....Jane ....where is that knitting needle when I need it?

Lucky I got a sense of humour.... and everyone knows I'm a support bro.

And that I like to think blogging is like writing a simple song. As long as you enjoy singing it.

That's what counts....

Nice tune eh?

Have a great weekend everyone!!


JJ said...

What happened to your post!? I'll ask Prole what went wrong -- it must have been an oversight.

Thanks for your support -- you're a Support Bro for sure!

Simon said...

Hi JJ!!!! Thanks but that's OK. I don't want to cause any bother. And besides there are many other bloggers on the voting list that are much better than I am. And I've already endorsed my man Bruce!!! I was just shaking my head and laughing. It's been that kind of year :)
I'm not angry or disappointed at all. I should have added that at the end ...along with the note that I am honoured to be an honorary support bro.
As for you JJ.... you deserve all the recognition you can get. Your blog is BRILLIANT !!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I am so sorry Montreal Simon, I don't know what happened - what a horrible mistake! I hope you will forgive us.

Anonymous said...

JJ said...

Aw, Simon, you're such a good guy.

As I thought, the massive amount of work this project entailed was the cause of the oversight. You're still a support bro!!! We luv ya!

Simon said...

Hi Prole!! Of course I forgive you and don't worry about it all. I'm serious when I say being nominated was honour enough.I shouldn't have even brought it up. I wanted to plug the awards AND play the video.
And when I went to connect the two I couldn't resist having a little fun.:)

Simon said...

OMG Prole!!! I just saw your post. Thank you but you really didn't have to. Yikes now I'm embarrassed.
I'm going to have to put a sign on the door of the bunker. Nobody Home.
Or sorry...can't answer the door. I'm too busy knitting!!! :)