Friday, February 22, 2008

Poppy McCain and the Lobbyist

I must admit I'm finding all this talk about Poppy McCain as an old horndog rather disturbing.

One day after The New York Times published an article raising ethical questions about Sen. John McCain’s dealings with lobbyist Vicki Iseman, the Arizona senator pushed back today at a press conference in Cleveland, telling reporters, “Vicki Iseman did not force me into any positions.”

While Mr. McCain was vague about his official dealings with Ms. Iseman, he told reporters, “I would not allow a lobbyist to perform any favor for me unless it felt really, really good.”

Not just because some think the scandal might actually HELP him.

If conservatives continue to rally to him in this way, the New York Times may have, inadvertently, done more to bind the fractured Republican Party together than tear it apart.

Although that does make me want to bite my weiner....

But because it's so UNFAIR.

I mean if you look at his wife.

And you look at the lobbyist.

Isn't it just possible he got them mixed up?

And it doesn't mean he BOINKED them both. Does it?

And even if he did....isn't that a good thing?


Although the idea of President Woody...or Woodums....Does Washington.

Hump hump hump. Hump hump Iran.

Is kinda SCARY.

But at least now we know....if he does get elected......and if they can fit all those candles on his birthday cake....without burning down the White House.

Who he'd really like to BLOW them....

OMG. Lies my Poppy told me.

Haven't we seen this movie before?

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