Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SDA and the Pornography of Hate

When I saw that the leathery Rube Queen of Small Defecating Animals had made a joke about Holocaust victims... and then posted a picture of herself on her hog....I was so disgusted two questions kept swirling around in my mind.

Why didn't she mount a REAL pig? Because she'd look even hotter humping away on its hairy back.

And did somebody run up to the motorcycle ...after she'd stopped pleasuring herself ....and sniff the seat? To see if she had shat her pants?

Because oopsy poopsy....it sure looks like she did.

Phew!!!! . Kookamunga!!!! Or should that be Cacamunga?

Because it couldn't happen to a more vile human being. One who harvests hate just to get hits for her crummy blog. You can't get any LOWER than that.

But you know what always horrifies me when I visit Defecating Animals? Not just that it's so rube and mediocre. And so full of smelly shite and racist and homophobic comments.

But that it's so.....um.......PORNOGRAPHIC.

Do you know why men love women in leather? Because they smell like a new truck.

Kate has brains, beauty, talent, her own successful blog, a fast bike... and more...
I am unworthy!

...how come Kate has to look so cute?

Kate, you are so hot!

If you are ever interested in a 37 year old classical musician of Italian origin, single, no kids, you let me know.

PS if we got married you could become a US citizen too.

Whoa! Hotness!

Whoa indeed. Stop it !!! All that sweaty, desperate longing...for a whiff of that grizzled, musky, rube dominatrix...or the stroke of her whip..... is more than I can bear. Fan me before I faint.

"Mistress Katie daddy bad whip me please.... blow me with your brilliance... lick me with your leathery lizardness....Muslims want to fuck me in the ass...spanky wanky Warren.....Ezra's soooooo hot ...ooooooooh AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

I mean REALLY. I'm not in favour of censorship. But if Small Defecating Animals is going to be a hate AND S&M site ...... shouldn't it be X-rated? Or labelled "P" for porn. Or "R" for retarded?

Yup. I'm with Kinsella on this one.

Because to make fun of the poor victims of the greatest crime in history.

Is beyond all understanding...and CANNOT be forgiven.

But what can you do with the rube dominatrix and her crazy horny hordes?

Except keep the EVERLASTING memory of the victims of the Holocaust safe in our hearts.

Make sure WE never forget.

And hope that the reptilian Kate McMillan will REMEMBER when she was human.

So she can scrub her filthy site with strong disinfectant. Or bug stuff.

And have the decency to apologize...

P.S. I think Balbulican at Stage Left has come up with exactly the right word. The Moronosphere.

Indeed. Do right wingers have to learn how to be loser morons?

Or are they just born that way?


Balbulican said...

You raise an interesting question that's probably worth a thesis to someone with a high tolerance for awful people - the prevalence of disturbing sexual imagery among our right wing brothers and sisters.

Canadian Sentinel has a barely concealed, infantalized scat fetish. Kathy Shaidle obsesses endlessly, and explicitly, about severed labia and mutilated genitalia - you can almost hear the drool hit the keyboard. You've flagged Ms. McMillan's fetish nicely. And let's not even start on Big Blue Wave's foetishism...

A disturbing bunch, indeed.

JJ said...

Ew, the commenters over there are really the dregs.

This was one of the most disgusting little antics I've ever seen out of these drooling mouth-breathers, but know what?

In another month or so they'll do something even worse, and surprise everyone all over again. And the Blogging Tories will do nothing -- again.

Simon said...

Hi Balbulican...oh yeah the rightwing nuts like to talk about gay sex even more than we do. It's pretty disturbing. And the dreadful Kate McMillan plays along with all these ridiculous photos of herself.
But what really disgusted me was on a comment list that followed her extremely dubious post on holocaust victims some of her fans couldn't help slobbering all over her. I mean that's the limit...

Simon said...

Hi JJ!!! You know what stunned me was the moronic nature of the so-called prank. McMillan may be a foul person but she knows exactly what she's doing. But this was just soooooo dum it's mindboggling.
I like to think that people who live in that twisted hate-filled world are their own punishment...