Friday, February 08, 2008

Buried in the Great White North

When I woke up this morning the bunker was buried in snow.

Which was beautiful. And EXCELLENT.

Because it wasn't my turn to clear the driveway.

But also bad because now we can't even play BALL hockey.

Which is REALLY awful because that means I can't put the imminent federal election completely out of my mind.

Or beat myself bloody with my own hockey stick..... to try to forget this poll.

A poll by Nanos Research released on Thursday said 30 percent of Canadians regarded Harper as the most trustworthy leader, compared with 14 percent for Dion. When asked who was the most competent leader, 39 percent chose Harper and 16 percent opted for Dion.

So I don't have to torture myself wondering what's more DEPRESSING? The fact that so many idiot Canadians think the sinister power crazed nerd Stephen Harper is a Great Leader ?

Or the fact that even MORE hosers think that the wonky nerd Stephane Dion is the most useless and dorkiest Liberal leader in the entire history of Canada ?

On the EVE of an election.

But what can a poor gay boy do?

Except hope that if the Liberals go gunning for an election.

Their Alamo is as strong as they say it is...

(click pic to enlarge)

Hmmm....nice flag. Are those Dion's bones on it ... or OURS?

Although I choose to believe it's a MIGHTY fortress.

Because these days in the Great White North .... self DELUSION is as good as it gets.

At least until we can play hockey.

Hey hit me on the head again .... just HARDER !!!

Or I can lead S├ębastien out of this beautiful but doomed country.

Before the sun goes down....

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