Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Poppy McCain and the Huckabee Girl

I must say I'm LOVING the Democratic Presidential campaign. President Hillary or President Obama sounds excellent to me.

It's the Republican campaign I'm worried about.

Oh not John McCain...

Poppy as an agent of CHANGE is my kind of Republican candidate.

If he ever became President they'd have to have TWO guys with briefcases running behind him. One with "The Football." You know the nuclear launch codes.

And the other with a defibrillator....and an oxygen tank.

And maybe a third guy with a calendar to remind Poppy it's 2008 not 1968. And to his reflexes. Mr President how many FINGERS do I have?

Remember Ronald Reagan was YOUNGER than McCain is now, when he became President. And you know what happened to him in his last years in office? Gah gah goo goo. What year is it ? Who ARE you? Mr Gorbachev tear down my enema pole !!!!

No I'm not worried about Poppy. I'm worried about Huck. I can't believe he's still running behind the guy in the Mormon pyjamas. I need to make sure that my man Hucky gets enough delegates to get on the Republican Dream Ticket.

Mike Huckabee may be ready to help John McCain bypass the remaining hurdles standing between him and the Republican presidential nomination by becoming his Vice-Presidential running mate as part of a “dream ticket”.

On the back of Mr Huckabee’s Super Tuesday victories, Mr McCain is said to be considering asking the Baptist preacher to run alongside him in the November election — potentially quelling a growing revolt by the party's social conservatives.

So him and Poppy can BURY the RepubliCons for a generation.

I'm counting on that. And as Huck's Canadian Campaign Manager I MUST make it happen. So I have decided to take DESPERATE measures.

And call upon Huckabee Girl....

I told you it was desperate.

But if that awesome video doesn't give Huck's campaign a real Huckaboner.

I've got lots of others...


P.S. Oops ....hold on a second....S├ębastien says my strategy isn't as BRILLIANT as I thought it was. He says what if the Dream Ticket WINS?

And then Poppy keels over. And Hucky becomes Da Prez.

Oh come on S├ębastien that COULDN'T happen. For huck's sake. It's the United States of AMERIKA !!!!!!!!

Oui. Exactement.

Uh oh...back to the drawing board...

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