Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Afghan Deal: Did Dion Compromise or Cave?

I know it isn't very original, but when I saw how Stephen Harper greeted news of the so called Liberal compromise on Afghanistan.

I couldn't help but be reminded of the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

First of all because the Liberal position makes all the right noises. But makes so little sense it's practically FRAUD.

A non-combat mission in a combat zone is impossible. So all the Liberals have agreed to do is force our troops to do the same things they have been doing...for three more long and bloody years.

And secondly, because the compromise gives Stephen Harper EXACTLY what he needs to try to get the majority he so craves.

In the only place he can hope to do that.

My beloved province of Quebec....

He's bribed us with nation status. Which is great for us....and you don't get to pay for it until the PQ comes to power.

But then so would Harper. Which is another reason he wants to go NOW.

He's poured money into the province and promised us a lot more.

But that still left that nasty thorn called Afghanistan blocking his path to a majority.

Well now it can be blunted. Harper can cite the Liberals and their fancy gift wrapped turd of a deal to make it sound like HE is reasonable and accomodating. And that something will change...when of course nothing will.

And one more little detail.... that nobody in English Canada seems to have considered.

A Spring election would happen around the time the Van Doos return to Quebec after finishing their rotation. So the Quebec media will be flooded with warm fuzzy images of soldiers being reunited with their families. Quebecers will feel proud of their troops.... as they should be. Which should do even more to NEUTRALIZE Afghanistan as an election issue in the province.

How convenient. Talk about good timing. What a coincidence.

Which leaves Harper free to fight an election on the budget.

And what province do you think is going to have a really good Budget Day?

Yup. Merci. Thank you.

Look I honestly don't know what the Liberals could have done differently...to keep their party from being divided on the eve of an election. It's a desperate situation.

But to make it sound like it was anything more than that, is in my opinion, a little...um...optimistic.

Because when you look at what this deal will actually mean. Dion didn't compromise.... he CAVED. Or if you prefer just put lipstick on the Manley pig.

The end date is an illusion that Harper is counting on to win a majority. So he can extend the mission FOREVER

Even calling for a withdrawal in 2010 would have been better for the Liberals.

But as it is nothing in the deal will help our troops who will be forced to rotate in and out of Afghanistan. Until the back of our small army is broken.

Nothing Dion did will help save Afghanistan. And now he may very well have lost Canada.

Oh I know the truth is brutal. But self delusion is even worse.

Granny why do you have such BIG teeth?

All the better to...um.... laugh at you my darling.


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