Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Eclipse and the War in Space

When I watched the moon turn orange last night.

It was easy to imagine how ancient peoples might have thought the world was ending.

But for signs of our own apocalypse..... I was watching that other space event.

Because if you can shoot down your own satellites like the U.S. and China now can shoot down the satellites of your enemies.

Which explains why those enemies weren't happy today.

Moscow and Beijing complained that the missile strike smacked of hypocrisy as the US had rejected a joint attempt by the two countries from banning weapons in outer space only a month ago.

And why now they're ALL hypocrites.

The Pentagon now spends more than $12 billion annually to develop weapons capable of shooting down missiles entering or leaving space.....The military has also worked on a laser project in New Mexico that could have anti-satellite capabilities, and has launched two small satellites that independent experts speculate could be modified to attack, or defend, larger spacecraft.

The Russian program involved launching smaller craft to follow a target and get close enough to blow it up. Early last year, China demonstrated its own capability by shooting a ground-based missile at an old satellite 600 miles in space.

Which makes me wonder if people realize where this War in Space race is heading.

And whether we'll have the sense to force our leaders to hit eject.

Before it's too late...

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