Monday, November 05, 2007

Mark Warner and Stephen Harper's Hidden Agenda

I was checking out this video of an interview with Mark Warner, the candidate for Toronto Centre who was dumped by the Cons.

When these words jumped out at me:

"On my bio it references the fact that I had attended the International AIDS Conference in August of last year.

My riding has as you know a large population of lesbian and gay people...and also people across the board who are interested in that issue. And I felt it was important to signal to them that this is an issue I've done a lot of work on, and I think it's important.

For some reason when my bio went up to Ottawa it (the AIDS reference) was excluded when it came back down.


I never paid much attention to that frankly because it didn't make much sense to me..."

Good for Mark. But of course it makes a LOT of sense.

Think about it. Who WOULD object to a reference about attending an AIDS conference? What crazy sickos would turn their backs on the suffering of millions of people? Who WOULD be pleased by the firing of Mark Warner?

Except the religious wingnuts of the ReformCon these homophobic nutbars.

The ones Harper and his thugs in the PMO have been secretly courting prepare them for a possible election. By appointing Jake Epp, a Christian College president and notorious homophobe, to the rigged Afghanistan panel. Or using the Dalai Lama to send out a message about religious freedom in China. Or hinting they may bring the death penalty back. And of course, by firing Mark Warner.

It has to be done very discreetly because Harper needs to pretend he is a social moderate. And as Eugene points out the Blogging Tory echo chamber IS strangely quiet.

But the religious wingnuts get those kind of coded messages loud and clear. Help get us a majority and religion will be back with a VENGEANCE. On the Glorious Day of our Lord when Stephen Harper's hidden agenda is finally revealed.

Along with his dirty little secret....That he's one of THEM.

In the next federal election Canadians will have to choose between a country that tries to bring together the world to fight a deadly killer...with the courage and the kind of human values that make us who we are.

Or a country run by heartless neocons where courage means killing, compassion is a dirty word, and bigotry is a Christian value.

One year later we still face the same choice....and the same danger.

Unless Canadians understand who Stephen Harper really is...and how far he is prepared to go to rape Canada and its values....ANYTHING could happen. Mark Warner found that out the hard way.

Let's hope Canada doesn't ....

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