Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stephen Harper and the Wrath of Brian Mulroney

As I watched Stephen Harper getting pounded pretty by the opposition today, I couldn't help thinking how much he must hate Brian Mulroney. NOW.

Once he loved him. Once he was useful. But now he's poison. Now he's told his Con sheep not to even TALK to him.

Which some in Montreal tell me has made Brian boiling mad. He feels betrayed and humiliated. And he's REALLY upset that all those Conservatives who were supposed to be attending a big event on Thursday to honour him...are cancelling out.

Cabinet ministers and Conservative MPs are abruptly bailing from a health research gala this Thursday in Montreal, where Mr. Mulroney is scheduled to speak after receiving a "rarely awarded" medal of honour.

That's why he decided to call for a public inquiry...without even calling the PMO to give them a heads up.

Apparently the Blarney Bloater believes you ALWAYS dance with the ones that brung ya. Or else...

Which means that Stephen Harper will not only have to deal with the question of those embarrassing letters from Herr Schreiber.

Harper aides say it is "unlikely" he would have seen the letters, which were processed by the Privy Council Office, the Prime Minister's bureaucratic arm, and never forwarded to the Prime Minister's Office.

But, as Dion says, such an explanation strains credulity. Given Harper's controlling nature, it is hard to imagine the Privy Council Office would deliberately keep him in the dark about a letter that contained a political bombshell, especially when the office is run by savvy Ottawa veterans, picked by the Prime Minister himself to serve his interests.

He's also going to have to deal with the wrath of Brian Mulroney.

The bottom line: the inquiry could be a PIG FUCK.....that could go on FOREVER.

The good news? If accountability was one of the Harper Party's strengths.....it soon won't be.

As more and more Canadians take a good look at all those Cons squirming in the witness box.

Day after day. Week after week. Month after month.

And can't help but be reminded of these guys...

Ewwwwww....how disgusting.


Bring the popcorn.....AND the cheese.

This ratty Con Con show is going to be BIGGER than Gomery...


Anonymous said...

You're going to have to explain to me again what Stephen Harper did wrong here. And why your idea of a good time is eating popcorn and, umm, cheese.

Simon said...

Hi Aaron...I'm suggesting that he may have covered up the fact that he knew about the Schreiber letter seven months ago...and did nothing to protect the integrity of the PMO by at the very least instructing somebody to notify the police...until he was forced to by stories in the media. As for the popcorn and cheese...the popcorn is for me. The cheese is to feed the rats...