Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sexy E-Mail, Fake Coke Machines, and the Naked Twink

I have to admit I'm a technology freak. I have practically every neat gadget ever invented . Except an iPhone, a 60-inch HD TV to watch Stephen Harper and other filthy porn on. And a robot big enough to walk my dog...and serve me breakfast in bed.

So when I heard about this new 3D program that can turn a boring e-mail into a sexy desert island ... or a mighty Boeing 747....I was naturally intrigued...

Hmmm. Tempting but nah. I mean I LOVE the idea of seeing my spam eaten by sharks. are all the gay guys?

I suppose I could always choose the jumbo jet version.

But really. I think I need that kind of technology like I need this nifty fake coke machine... to hide from a criminal...

Of course it could only work in Japan. Where the crime rate is really low.

If you tried that here you'd get a screwdriver or a knife in your groin...when the dum criminal tried to rob da machine.

No. If I want a cheap thrill I'm going for these super headphones...AND the dancing twink...

Now we're talking. Look Ma no wires!! ANYTHING.

But of course....they only show ads like that one.

And of course this one...

In Europe.

Isn't THAT depressing?

The other day somebody described Canadian culture as being on the cutting edge of blandness.

Imagine what it would be like if Stephen Harper wins a majority?

Thank fucking god I've got a real desert island, a home in Europe..... AND a French boyfriend.

So even if the worst should be WONDERFUL.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Canadians have always had a boring culture. so sad.

Simon said...

Hi Rashid!! I don't know about that...there have been some bright moments.And it could be worse...we could be Belgium...But yes right now it's grim. Still....I'm counting on your generation to lead this country out of the artistic desert we are in. So put down that bottle and DO IT!!! :)