Thursday, November 01, 2007

Another Anti-Gay Outrage in Iran

In the brutish Islamic Republic of Iran where they hanged these gay teenagers...

The religious fascists are at it again.

They are planning to lynch another young man for having gay sex with a friend when they were both thirteen.

Child offender Makwan Moloudzadeh, an Iranian Kurd, is believed to be at risk of imminent execution. He has reportedly been convicted of lavat-e iqabi (anal sex) for the alleged rape of a 13-year-old boy.

Makwan Moloudzadeh was aged 13 at the time of the alleged offence. His death sentence has been passed to the Office for the Implementation of Sentences and he is due to be executed in public, near his home.

Prior to his trial and conviction, on or around 7 October 2006 Makwan Moloudzadeh was reportedly paraded through the streets of Paveh riding on a donkey, with his head shaved. People in the street shouted abuse and threw things at him.

Help spread the word about this latest outrage.

And/or use the link on this page to send a message to the Iranian Embassy in Ottawa.

I'm afraid I can't bring myself to believe it will do any good. But you never know. So it's worth the effort to try to save a young life.

And at least you can tell them what monstrous fascists and religious crazies they are.

How they disgust and offend us. And how we can't wait for the day when the Iranian people are finally free.

And the mad mullahs are hanging from their own gallows.

Just so they know...

h/t Terry Glavin

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Anonymous said...

i was going to say something about cannabalism, but that's probably more civilized than hanging these gay teens.