Friday, November 02, 2007

Stephen Harper's Big Brother Attack Ad

I see that the Stephen Harper Party hasn't wasted any time taking advantage of Stephane Dion's klutzy handling of the GST issue.

By releasing another ugly American-style attack ad.

Which would make Karl Rove....or Big Brother... proud.

As you know I'm not a supporter of Dion...or of anyone else for that matter....but as a Canadian this ad offends me. Not only because it drags politics down to a bestial atavistic level...or because I hate bullies. And this ad REEKS of them.

But also because it turns the truth on its head.

First there are those ridiculous figures designed to give the impression that Dion is making all kinds of expensive promises....when in fact it is the Cons who have been spending like drunken sailors.

Then it seems to imply that Dion is the skinny nerd who gets sand kicked in his face...while Stephen Harper is a virile manly LEADER who would make anyone tremble with fear.

When in fact Harper is a ridiculous fat nerd with an anger problem....a personal makeup artist....and delusions of macho manhood that would make anyone LAUGH.

Ha ha ha. If that's a LEADER I'm not following him anywhere. I'd be too embarrassed.

And then there is the most outrageous Big Brotherism of all:

"Stephane Dion. Not a Leader.


When Great Fat Leader's BIGGEST problem is that Canadians don't want to take the RISK of giving him a majority.

Just when he thinks he has one...he doesn't.

So what's the problem? The easy answer is the Prime Minister's habit of not playing well with others when he doesn't get his own way...Harris-Decima also polled Canadians on the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the Prime Minister and found that voters find him very credible when it comes to his values and his ideas, but see his personality as a weakness.

And who can blame them?

Who in their right mind would trust this cold, emotionally stunted man who runs the most authoritarian control freak government in Canadian history? A man who rubs shoulders with Republicans and religious fanatics..... and has vowed to change our beautiful country beyond recognition...into some kind of Mini-me Amerika.

I mean all you have to do is look into those cold dead eyes....

And ask yourself how could any Canadian trust this sinister angry neocon nerd with ANYTHING?

You know I think it's time we should all start making our own YouTubes. Just forget about policy or wimpy stuff like that and focus on the Great Fat Monster himself.

Keep them short...keep them crude or funny. And make sure they are really SCARY.

I hate to do it .....because I believe politics in Canada should be better than that.

But Stephen Harper wants to destroy this country. So if he insists on dragging us all into a pool of shit.

Let's make sure he drowns in it.


P.S. I think Red Tory has the right idea. And so does the Wingnuterer.

Now let's work on UGLY...


Zorpheous said...

I got a whole batch of ugly coming Haprers way! Want in on the release list?

Simon said...

You bet Zorph!!I gotta tell you your stuff is BRILLIANT.Your halloween clown show on Parliament hill was a classic.Keep up the good work! We gotta knock this fat tyrant off his pedestal by all blogging means necessary...before he gets us...:)

Zorpheous said...

Feel free to raid the toon stash on my blog, if you have any ideas, fire them my way and I'll see what I can do.