Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Chunky Chickenhawk and the Great White North

Remember when Stephen Harper started making noises about defending our Arctic sovereignty? And posing as Chunky Chickenhawk in the Great White North.

Remember how a few weeks ago our ridiculous Prime Minister announced that from now on he wants his neocon thug government to be referred to as the "North Star?"

....in the speech, Harper told why "Canada's New Government" now wants to be known as the North Star.

He explained the celestial moniker suits the new Conservative mission because it suggests charting a direction for the future.

Well the porky nerd may be a star in his own bizarre universe.

But as for defending our Arctic sovereignty....forget it.

The Canadian air force has cancelled its surveillance flights in the North for the next several months even though Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said protecting Canada's Arctic sovereignty is one of his government's top priorities.

In the past, the Auroras made between 12 and 16 surveillance flights over the Arctic every year. But the closest Aurora crews will get to the Arctic for the next five months is practising Northern flights in a high-tech simulator.

Dan Middlemiss, a defence expert and professor at Dalhousie University, speculated that Canada's combat mission in Afghanistan is taking huge amounts of money and squeezing missions at home.

Isn't that great? We're fighting and dying in Afghanistan to protect Canada from the Taliban...who couldn't find us even if they could read a map. But we can't even protect our Great White North....because we won't have a clue about what's going on up there.

Or do anything to stop all those foreign nuclear subs from routinely violating our sovereignty.

Unless these guys get lucky...

Chunky Chickenhawk and Canada's "North Star" government.

How pathetic.

What a farce...

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