Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rudy, John, the Bitch and the Ferrets

I've tried to stay away from writing about the Presidential race in the United States...because as a humble hoser boy from Canada what do I know about that scary mixture of madness and money?

But when I see that Rudy Giuliani has old friends like this thug.

“I am a hunter of men,” Mr. Kerik said, according to several people who were present. He spoke of employing a management style akin to that of Attila the Hun and promised to destroy the career of anyone who crossed him.

And new ones like this wingnut homophobe.

And that the senile warmonger John McCain is trying to capitalize on this tacky video....

All I can say is that if the crazy Republicans hate the Witch that much....if I was an American I'd vote for her.

And that when it comes to Rudy.

The ferrets knew a nut when they saw one...

Although the ferrets are lucky Dick Cheney doesn't like to hunt them.

You know if we didn't have a neocon thug for a Prime Minister.

I'd be so GLAD to be a Canadian...

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