Friday, November 09, 2007

Canada and the Shadow of the Noose

I love this country. And the place where I live...even at this gloomy time of the year. But for the first time in my life I'm thinking of leaving it.

For the first time ever I'm ashamed to be a Canadian.

Ashamed to belong to a country that would allow a kangaroo court to try a young Canadian for a crime he committed as a child.

After doing nothing to get him out of that evil place...or stop him from being tortured.

Ashamed to belong to a country that doesn't stand up for its citizens abroad...even if they're about to be legally murdered. By people who don't think waterboarding is a crime.

A country that turns its back on its proud tradition of being AGAINST the death penalty. And refuses to support a moratorium.

Aimed at ending horrors like this one.

Two gay teenagers lynched for loving each other.

What kind of evil monsters would want to bring this horror back to Canada? As will SURELY happen if these neocon thugs and their Noose Party ever get a majority.

But then what kind of a country are we living in right now where the gap between the rich and the poor is growing. Tens of thousands of children go to bed hungry in one of the richest places on earth.

Gender equality is going from bad to worse.

The opposition is too busy fighting itself to fight the Cons. We all helped murder Kyoto because we're too fat and greedy to change.

And all Canadians seem to care about is streaming like lemmings across the border to shop until they drop. While OUR border businesses slowly shrivel up and die...

I still love Canada. And I know it's the season to be depressed.

But am I really leaving this country?

Or is it leaving me?


P.S. I went to see the movie Control...about Ian Curtis and Joy Division. And it was AWESOME !!!

Although a little gloomy.

Nobody understands Ian so in the end he hangs himself.

Alienation and the shadow of the noose.

In Canada these days they seem to follow me around...

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